Exploring Tanjong Pagar

Recently I’ve picked up this hobby of walking around areas of Singapore to take photos and eat and whatever and my most recent explore at Tanjong Pagar really changed my perception of Singapore.

I used to think that Singapore is a really shitty place for photography because the MBS area is all we have and even that place isn’t such a great place for photography. The red-bricked, peeled-paint walls that I admire can hardly be found in such an advanced metropolis. (Yes I like old architecture like those of London’s)

I chose Tanjong Pagar because I searched up ‘places for photography in Singapore’ and one of them that came up was this super old bus stop made of stone. But of course I wasn’t going to travel 30 minutes to take photos of just a bus stop.


So I continued walking around Tanjong Pagar road and came across this super shady back alley with many ventilation fans.


Honestly what amazed me the most is how there were many different types of buildings in the same area. Like after I walked out of the back alley I reached this super angmoh british colony kind of area BUT just one street away the buildings were really chinese and old.


I continued walking around Duxton Hill and the landscape changed once again to something a little newer and more colorful. I actually wanted to pin out the areas I’ve been to, in case you guys wanted to visit these places but I got lazy. And also I think it’ll be more fun if you guys explored the place rather than follow my route.


I came across this cafe called Group Therapy. This is really stupid but tbh my first impression of it was ‘shady orgy parlour’ because it was on the second floor and I couldn’t see what was inside. As I walked up the stairs, I saw a couple leaving the cafe and another couple walking in and I was like ‘shit is this really some sketchy place’ but I followed them in anyway and thank god it was a cafe otherwise it would’ve been really awkward for me.

I really loved the ambiance and design of the cafe.


I ordered an Almond Milk Latte, which tasted exactly like Latte so if you’re gonna come here I suggest ordering that instead because it is cheaper. I was quite disappointed when the waitress put down my drink because how plain it looked but to my surprise the coffee tasted really good!


I ended off the day walking towards Club Street which as the name suggests, had many clubs and bars. I met this Scottish couple (not the one in the photo below) at one of the bars and we started talking and they told me about the countries they’ve been to like Cape Town, Africa and stuff.


Hope you enjoyed reading this post! If you guys know any cool photography places do leave it in the comments down below!



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