Golden Autumn Festival @RWS

In light of Mid Autumn Festival, Resorts World Sentosa organized an event, the Golden Autumn Festival.


My sister got invited to promote the event and thankfully she brought me along to vlog and take some of the photos for her.

I was quite excited about it at first because I saw on some website that there would be a face-changing show and si chuan food. I was also expecting a lot more lanterns in the area but I was let down. Not only did I not get to see the face-changing show, 3D light show there were very little lanterns being displayed. (I kinda expected the Chinese Garden type with cartoon lanterns)


I thought the shows were pretty cool though. Not sure if this is everything they have, but I saw a puppet show, bowl-balancing, kung-fu tea, shadow-puppets, contortionists and the coolest show imo, shaolin kung fu. (Don’t really have a lot of quality photos but you can see quality snippets in my vlog^)

During the performance I actually went to the front and knelt down to take photos and videos, pretending to be one of those pros who were actually invited for the event HAHAH.


Of course how can we forgot the zodiac animals street which I’ve seen all over Instagram


The si chuan food which I mentioned above can be found right beside this street but if you’re expecting dishes like the ones you’ve seen on the banners at rws or online, I’m sorry but you’ll be disappointed to see that the food is all placed out in a catering buffet style. Despite so, I was really shocked at how good the food was especially the ‘ma-la’ taste that some of them had.

That’s the end of my blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading it!





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