Tiong Bahru Bakery – Food Review

What started off as a disappointing explore in Tiong Bahru turned out to be a great one. I didn’t manage to take many great shots but I did manage to find this hidden gem- Tiong Bahru Bakery.


Tiong Bahru self proclaims to be the best bakery in Singapore and I definitely agree.


I really didn’t know what to order and I could only order one thing because I already ate before this, so I told the cashier for a recommendation. She told me to get the Kouign Amann which is a croissant coated with sugar and butter. And for the drink, I was going to order a regular cup of latte because they only have normal types of coffees. I noticed that they have homemade chocolate and my eyes lit up. I’ve only ever seen homemade iced lemon tea BUT HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE MILK?? I bought it without asking for the price (it is $7.50,,,)


I am still so excited about the chocolate milk so I will talk about it first! For $7.50 I was expecting A LOT from it and after the taking the first sip I honestly thought that $7.50 was cheap for such a heavenly drink. The drink was really thick and the cocoa powder was really strong too. It has a really good milky aftertaste like the ones that I drink in Japan!

The Kouign Amann tasted really good too. It had a really strong butter taste but I felt like it was too sweet to finish it whole.


I wouldn’t recommend ordering both items together though because they have a really strong taste which overpowers each other. So if you were to get the chocolate milk, get something plain like a plain croissant.


The environment is also really good because compared to the more mainstream cafes and bakeries like Starbucks, TBB isn’t crowded at all!


There’s also this really cute community board for the people in the area to pin their lost items or whatever.

Just a little extra compliment for this bakery: their toilet has bubblegum hand soap hehe

Thanks for reading!

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