Exercise to Lose Weight Easily – Crossrope, Skipping Rope Review

This being my first and probably only fitness post in my whole blog kinda shows how fit I am but that’s gonna change with Cross Rope. Yes I know this sounds like a sponsored post (I wish it was) but it’s really not and I will be talking about the benefits of jump roping and this really cool jump rope that I bought.

To me, jumping rope is one of those exercises that I do when I wanna exercise but lowkey lazy because of its convenience- like you can do this almost anywhere and I think it’s a lot less tiring than my cardio routine. It’s also really good for getting toned chest arms and legs and a good cardio exercise. And what I like about this the most is obviously because jumping = growing taller!! Just kidding (partially). Fun fact: jumping rope can increase brain development because it requires coordination and rhythm which will enhance both left and right side of your brain.


So why CrossRope and not just any regular rope you can get at the dollar store? Ok honestly any rope would’ve sufficed but I was sure that I’ll be using this really regularly so the money spent on it won’t be wasted. But if you really want an excuse to spend a fortune on ropes, it’ll be that it has different functioned/weighted ropes that are interchangeable. What really attracted to me to CrossRope was the weighted ropes which helps with metabolic conditioning, fat burning and power development etc.


There are 5 other ropes of almost similar weights, ranging from 1 oz to 2 lb. Since the weights are quite similar I recommend getting the Starter Set which consists of a 1/4 lb Agility Rope and 1 lb Intensity Rope which is the cheapest one and I feel like there really isn’t a need to get more ropes because they’re all about the same weight. So just get 1 light and 1 heavy rope, which is what the Starter Set has.


CrossRope is definitely more tiring to use than the other ropes I’ve used before. Even the lighter rope in the Starter Set (1/4lb) was rather exhausting. When I first used it there was this clicking sound from the handle but don’t worry if you experience the same thing. It’s not because you’ jumping methods are wrong; it’s just how the rope was built.


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