Hask Shampoo – Paraben and Sulfates Free Shampoo Review

I used to be care SO SO much about my hair in the past and the of course foundation for beautiful luscious loreal paris model hair is no other than shampoo. The most ideal kind of shampoo is the kind that does not include harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates which dries out the natural oils produced by your hair pores etc etc. which is why I tried out Hask shampoo.

I actually bought these 2 types of shampoo- Macadamia Oil and Mint Almond Oil many months ago but I’ve only started using them recently (because I left it in my cupboard and forgot all about them)

Hask sells many different types of shampoo which has different uses like hydration, color protection etc and the ones that I bought, Macadamia Oil and Mint Almond Oil hydrates & protect and thickens hair respectively.

Macadamia Oil

I’m just gonna start off telling you how amazing this shampoo smells though I don’t really think that’s a good thing because they’ve probably added some chemicals in it to enhance the smell. In terms of it’s use I’d say that it’s pretty good. When I first applied the shampoo on my hair it felt really dry, like there was a lot of tugging when I tried to run my fingers through my hair but once the shampoo was washed off and my hair was dried, it did kinda seem like my hair was a bit more hydrated than usual.

Mint Almond Oil

Again this one has a really great smell. I’ve been using this a lot more than the previous one because I really like the after effect (thickening) that this shampoo offers. There’s a lot of tugging when using this but I think its more of your hair being thickened rather than being dried out. I don’t really know how to explain what the thickening effect feels like but if you’re a guy who styles his hair, it kinda feels like when you apply a pre-styling product before blow drying it. So like in general it kinda feels like there’s a bit of 手感 when you scrunch your hair.

If you do try out Hask shampoo, do leave a comment because I’d like to know about your thoughts on it too!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I’ve seen them on the shelves and I always thought “they look really good for the hair ” but I’ve never actually bought them… maybe I will now


  2. I definitely wouldn’t be able to use the thickening one: my hairs too thick already!

    I wouldn’t mind trying to hydration one. I’m always exploring new products trying to keep my hair healthy (its super long so I don’t have a choice). 🙂

    I’ll definitelt look that one up!


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