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What Hair Product Should I Use? – Carter Supply Company Review

“Which hair product should I use?” is probably one of the most asked question when you first styling your hair. Of course I had experience the dilemma on not knowing which product to buy first, because there were simply too many of them- waxes, clays, pomades and there were so many different brands.

But don’t worry because Carter Supply got your back! (if only I knew about this earlier…)

Carter has an Assorted Trial Set, which includes 4 products- ElevateFluxFortify and Sharp.

I was so confused when my package came because I kinda expected a bigger container like the small Gatsby moving rubber size because the literally the container is as big as a $1 coin. But anywayyy I was really excited when I got the product so let me just guide you through what hair products you should get!



I’m gonna start with my favorite product (i think this is their most popular one too) which is Flux, a high hold matte finish wax. What I like the most about this is that it’s a really light-weight product. Like I swear it really doesn’t feel like there’s anything in your hair AND the best part is it doesn’t make my face feel greasy. I’m not sure if this is only applicable to me or what but most of the time, my face feels a bit oily after applying hair products but this isn’t the case for Flux which is a BONUS!

I really hate it when my hair flops because the hair product will get all over my forehead and give me breakouts. But even when that happens when I used Flux, my forehead didn’t feel oily at all.

The only downside to this product is that its effect lasts for a really short time, probably about 6 hours. But the good thing is after that your hair will literally feel like there’s no product like you can’t even feel the greasiness of the residue in your hair.



I think that elevate is also another great product but I wasn’t as amazed with it because it just did what any normal wax does. One thing I don’t like about this is the slight shine it gives.



Fortify feels like one of those traditional THICK AF clay that is so thick and heavy it actually took me effort to dig some out from the container (also because the container is so god damn small). I think that this will work really well if you have thick hair because if you have thin hair like me, your hair will be clumped up really easily. But it does have a really strong hold and a nice matte finish to it!



Hah I didn’t even try this because I don’t use pomades but I’ll update y’all when I do get someone to try it out! But I did read on their website that it is packed with healthy ingredients such as Argon Oil so if you’re concerned about the health of your hair then you can consider this.


So after reading this, if you’re still unsure of what product to get and don’t feel like getting the trial set, I’d recommend getting Flux. I’m not just saying this out of bias because it’s my favorite product because I genuinely think that it is the most versatile product like it can work for thin and thick hair. It works great to achieve a messy casual hairstyle but if you do want a slicker hairstyle you can always add more or finish with a hairspray.

If you do get any of these do leave a comment down below to share what you think about these!


Carter Supply’s Website here!

Get your Assorted Trail Set here!

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