Gaston Luga Backpack – Review

When we mention backpacks the first brand that comes to mind is probably Anello or Hershel which is exactly why I didn’t want to get them; because I didn’t want to carry a bag that everyone else has.

‘Ah shit what other bags are there then?’

Let me introduce to you- Gaston Luga.


I fell in love when I first saw their Pråper line I mean just look at how beautiful they are! It’s really minimalistic and the color palette is amazing!




I really love the leather-canvas-metal mix of the backpack which gives it a soft, classy and slightly edgy vibes. There’s also a key ring for you to attach their leather address tag, or whatever key chain to make your bag more personal and unique! But I think the feature that makes Gaston Luga stand out is the hook which closes the bag.




Of course the utility of the bag is important too! There’s a laptop sleeve and 2 pockets for your knickknacks. Gaston Luga has also thoughtfully designed a passport pocket at the back of the bag, which I use for storing my portable charger.

Of course if you want something that’s more mainstream you can check out their Clässic line!


Click here to purchase your white Praper

Click here to check out their other products!

If you’re planning to get it but is concerned about the price, don’t worry because Gaston Luga is currently having a singles’ day MEGA SALE, which includes a 25% off all their products, a free address tag and free shipping!


Get yours now!


photo credits: Yi Ting (ig @yitinggoyt)



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