Exploring Haji Lane

I think this is the most fun explore I’ve had because of how beautiful this place is. There street houses and atas cafes and graffiti and most importantly the old architecture 😩👌🏻


I actually came here with my friend to take photos of my Gaston Luga Backpack Review but I never expected the place to have so many photography opportunities.

In addition to that, there are many interesting shops that not only caters to tourists, but locals as well. Some of the niche shops that caught my attention were SPOILMARKET and eightytwo which sells really vintage decos.




As I’ve mentioned, there are many cafes here (areas around Haji Lane) but I only had time for one. So I chose the one that looked the best (yes i judge books by their covers)

Going Om


My first impression of this place was ‘whoa hipster af’ and my current impression of the place is still ‘whoa hipster af’. Like honestly the whole place is super hippy, from the interior design to the lighting to the music. Even the menu and the food names are hipster; just see for yourself.


Anyway the place sells mostly alcohol but for some reason they have Vietnamese coffee even though the place seemed more indian/indo cuisine like. (guess i shouldn’t judge a book by its cover).


If youre in a rush do not order the vietnamese coffee because it’s taking really really long to drip. (‘let it drip for 5 minutes’ my ass)

Ok so obviously I didn’t just stop at one street.

I went to the street beside Haji Lane and came across this gelato shop. tbh i just wanted shelter from the rain but I’m really glad I came across Aroma. (Review coming soon)


Some of the photos I’ve taken –


photo_2017-11-10_21-56-34 (2)


photo_2017-11-10_21-57-16 (3)


Ok that kinda sums up my day. Hope you guys enjoyed the photos!

Thanks for reading!



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