Sidekick, Blow, Dynamite Clay – Vilain Hair Product Review

A year ago i was desperately looking for a type of hair clay and I stumbled upon this brand, Vilain. They were having a sale so I thought why not buy their 3 in 1 set (they don’t have it anymore) since I could get free shipping anyway. I’ve actually done a review before but it’s been about a year since I’ve touched some of those products so I was thinking why not do another one?



This is honestly my favorite product from the start of my hair styling journey. like I’ve never stuck to a product all the way and I’m even gonna buy another one soon. This is probably the most versatile hair product I’ve used. it acts as a prestyler with a heat protectant function, and can also serve as a medium hold hair spray. I usually use this when i have shorter hair but it works well with longer hair as well. it doesnt have a really strong hold as a prestyler but it does boost volume and texture which is what I’m more concerned about. I don’t really use the hair spray because I don’t really feel the effect for it. I use Tony&Guy’s Casual Hairspray instead



I honestly hated this product when i first used it because it made my hair dried and tangled up but after a few more tries i realized it’s bexause i used too much of it. i am almost done w this product but i dont think im gna buy more because i dont really need that extra volume but if you have thin hair and cant get the poof you want, you should definitely try this out.

Dynamite Clay


Ahh lastly the Dynamite Clay. Is this product really as bomb (get it because dynamite) as the internet says it is? I do think that it’s a great product but the application is rather hard because it’s quite thick and dries up quickly. One way to counter this is to slightly wet your hands if it starts getting dry. I think one unique feature that Vilain has is that you can cocktail it, meaning you can mix different products together to form a desired one specialized for u.

Buy yours now!

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