aROMA Gelato Review

Honestly I was quite skeptical when I saw ‘freshly made daily’ and ‘natural ingredients’ because that’s all the real-life clickbait that f&bs use. I’m not even going to lie I actually entered the cafe because I needed shelter from the rain BUT don’t exit this page because this clickbait turned into a major plot twist.

I was recommended the premium flavors- Pistachio and Hazelnut.


The hazelnut was really good too but pistachio really deserves a special mention. No kidding the pistachio one is the best pistachio gelato/ice-cream I’ve ever eaten. Just imagine eating pistachio nuts, but cold and soft; that’s what aROMA’s Pistachio gelato tastes like.

I was talking to Ivan (the owner’s friend) and apparently all ingredients are imported from Italy- the pistachios, hazelnuts, fruits and whatever. That explains why the tastes are so strong and natural. It doesn’t just stops there, the cones are also imported and the crispy texture of it goes really well with the creamy gelato.

And for what’s in the gelato, the price is considered really cheap, ranging from $3.90 (baby) to $10.90 (large), with an additional 50c for a cone and premium flavors.

Aw damn it large isn’t large enough for me!

Don’t worry because aROMA’s got your back. You can actually get their gelatos in tubs for only $20!


What attracted me to this place wasn’t the words ‘natural ingredients’ or ‘freshly made daily’ but actually the environment of the place. (yes you should know by now how much I’m influenced by the environment when I eat). I mean who wouldn’t be enticed to enter this minimalistic monochromatic gelato parlor??

aROMA can also be found at Plaza Singapura and there are 20+ flavors for you to choose from!

So the next time you go to Haji Lane to take your step #ootds, remember to stop by aROMA for a gelato experience you will never forget!


 29 Arab Street Singapore 199728

#B1-32 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839

Find out more about aROMA!

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