Messy Rugged Hairstyle – Tony&Guy Casual Line Review

All my hairstyles have one thing in common- messy af.


Products used: tony&guy sea salt spray, Sidekick by Vilain (heat protectant), Hairbond Distorter, Tony&Guy Flexible hold Hairspray

Thank god I actually do like this look because I can never seem to get my hair neat and classy even if i wanted to- maybe because I’m a mess as well- but I think it’s mainly due to the products i use.


Alongside Vilain’s sidekick, Tony&Guy’s Sea Salt Spray is my second most used product. Sea salt sprays provide insane volume and texture, mimicking the waves of the sea. My favorite feature of Tony&Guy’s Sea Salt Spray is the scent. I can’t really specify what smell it is, but it smells like a glass of freshly made fruit juice that you take a sip of as you lie down on the beach and stare at the sunset (yes that’s exactly how I feel whenever I use this product) I don’t use this product everyday though, mainly because sea salt sprays tend to dry my hair out.


Honestly I really hated hairsprays because I like a more natural look and most hairsprays tend to lock your hair in place and has that shine to it. Tony&Guy’s Flexible hold Hairspray, like the name suggests, provide a minimum BUT sufficient hold, ensuring that your hair remains in shape but still able to let you run your fingers through those sexy locks of yours. Again the smell of this product is wonderful. Sometimes i use it just for the smell even if I didn’t need any.

If you’re interested, you can click here to purchase your tony&guy hair products or head down to any watsons or guardian if you stay in singapore.

Thanks for reading!


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