Mini Artbox in Orchard (Outside Ngee Ann City)

“ahh but artbox is so crowded… but I really really wanna go…”

Don’t worry if you’ve had this thought because ya boy got your back! There is a miniature artbox set up outside Ngee An City. Of course the variety of food and performances there are a lot more limited compared to the actual one, but the smaller crowd really compensates for it because you can actually have an enjoyable experience rather than getting pushed around by sweaty people.

The place is honestly really spacious and has a reasonable amount of tables and benches and the dangling lights really made the place so romantic so if you’re looking for a spot for you and your special someone then you should definitely try here.


I wasn’t really that hungry (actually it was because i am broke) so I only tried from one store- Word Cafe.



This is like that store that everyone queues up for in bazaars and stuff. They have your very overhyped Handsome Burger, coney dog and chili beef fries. They also have huge ass bucket drinks with really funny names like mat rep and ah beng HAHA. I’m not even kidding I laughed out when I heard the names.

Me and my friend ordered the chili beef fries and mango+lemon gangster drink (not sure what it’s named).


I think both were really good but the thing I enjoyed the most was the performance. To our surprise, 2 of the performers, The Unemployed, are actually alumni from our school vjc and they were absolutely amazing!


Thanks for reading!


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