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[JAPAN] Kani Honke – Best Crab Feast In The World

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that this is the BEST crab restaurant I’ve been to. My family goes to Japan about once a year and we always come here.

Kani Honke offers a wide variety of crab dishes, from sashimi to teppanyaki to shabu shabu; all within a very reasonable price. As usual, we ordered the Kinnomai Kaiseki course, which is ¥12000 and a HOKKAI assorted Sashimi, which is ¥5724.


The sashimi is really fresh and juicy and nothing I’ve ever tasted before.


I’m not exactly a fan of boiled seafood but this boiled crab legs made it to the exceptions list. It comes with 2 sauces, mayonnaise and vinegar but I think that the best way to eat it is to eat it without any sauce to prevent the freshness and sweetness of the meat to be covered.


The teppanyaki-style is actually a new dish and my favorite one. It has a really strong butter taste and is slightly salted.


This is a really unique dish. It is done with the remaining crab broth used for the shabu shabu before, mixed with rice, egg and seaweed. Such a simple dish but there is so many layers of taste and this is a MUST TRY here.

Click here to check out their menu and locations!



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