[JAPAN] Cup Noodles Museum – DIY Cup Noodles and Instant Ramen

I’ve probably mentioned this a million times but I absolutely love DIY stuff. I also love food. So making your cup noodles + instant ramen means two of my favorite things together and I was really excited for this activity.

Cup Noodles Museum is a place which aims to inspire the future generation’s creativity and innovation, with stories of the creator of instant noodles- Momofuku Ando. I’m usually not interested in things like this but the way the museum disperses the information really piqued my interest. Starting from their Momofuku Theatre, which summarizes Momofuku’s timeline of creating instant ramen and how it evolved into the cup noodles we have now, to the Instant Noodles History Cube, where all the instant noodles ever created line up the 4 walls of the room.



Alongside the history of cupnoodles and Momofuku’s achievements, the park also offers other interesting exhibits and attractions such as the Instant Ramen FactoryMy CUPNOODLEs Factory,  Noodles Bazaar and many more.

I highly recommend checking this place out because the prices are just really really low like it is so low that I don’t even know how they make profits. The Instant Ramen Factory costs Y500. You get a chance to make instant ramen from scratch- from mixing and kneading to marinating the noodles and lastly designing the packet. Do note that the process takes about an hour and there are limited slots so you gotta sign up early.



Here is me and my sister’s instant ramen. I think it’s pretty obvious which is mine la HAHAH.

The My CUPNOODLEs Factory costs only Y300 (cup noodles cost around Y120 in Japan so really I have no idea how they earn money) and takes a lot less time to complete. The steps are also much more simpler because all you need to do is design the cup and choose your noodle’s flavor and toppings.


Check out my KoreaXJapan Fusion cup noodle!!

I really had fun here and I highly recommend coming here because really this is one of the few things there is to do in Yokohama.





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