Best Extraction Facial in Singapore @My Cozy Room

Being a teenager going through puberty, I’ve always had a lot of pimples and blackheads and right before this, I had a really serious breakout. So I was really glad when I heard that I’m going for a facial at My Cozy Room. My Cozy Room is known as the Best Extraction Facial and I really feel that it lives up to its name.

The place is very girly and even as a guy I felt so much like a princess in this golden white and champagne room, especially with the royal-looking furniture. Doesn’t this just look straight out of a Disney Princess Movie?


Photo taken from their website.

The facial started with Cleansing and Exfoliation which both felt great!

Then came the most dreaded part, or so I thought, the Extraction process. As much as I love watching high definition close up extraction videos, I am lowkey afraid of it because I hate tiny pains like this. I was only told that My Cozy Room was known for its painless extraction (bless you) afterwards, so I had a really pleasant surprise during the process. (1).gif

In the past, I’ve only done the basic basic kind of facial so usually it ends with a face mask after the extraction, but My Cozy Room was generous enough to hook me up with their My Anti-Acne LED Light Therapy and allowed me to experience new things.

The High Frequency Treatment is used for killing off bacteria, to prevent infection which leads to future acne breakouts.

The Doctor Babor Microsilver Ampoule was used on my face after the extraction. From what the name says, it is made from actual silver, which is used to kill acne bacteria and prevents recurrence of acne.

Optional top-up of this product for $38.


Their Crystal Ball Treatment helps too reduce redness, which I am extremely grateful for because I don’t have to lock myself at home while waiting for the red and puff to subside. It also helps to soothe the skin which FEELS AMAZING especially after your face becomes a little warm after the extraction.

The facial ended with a twist. Instead of a face mask, I had a face mask WITH LED lights blasted on my face. Sounds pretty cool right. The Clinical LED Facial Therapy has different colored lights. The red lights stimulates cells beneath the skin and fight off bacteria whereas the blue lights reduces acne tremendously. (2).gif

I look like a fat asian Terminator in the shades.

Overall I really enjoyed the experience at My Cozy Room. My face has gotten so much better, rid of acne and more radiant than before.


Indeed the BEST facial in Singapore. My verdict= worthy as the best facial in Singapore with the greatest painless extraction!

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa
56A Cairnhill Road
Singapore 229667
(5 min walk from Paragon Shopping Centre)
Contact: 6732 0030
(Advanced bookings are highly recommended)
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