Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner @ Amara Hotel

As much as I love Chinese New Year food, I always eat until damn sian at the end of CNY. Is this not relatable?? Am I the only one who gets sick of eating the same food over and over again? Thankfully, Amara Hotel has came up with a new CNY menu, that puts a twist to the traditional CNY feast!

photo_2018-01-16_22-40-11 (2)

Welcome the Year of the Dog with with your loved ones with Amara’s 8-course meals on the 15th of February this year!

Imperial Fortune Reunion

– S$1,888 ++ per table                                                                                                                             – 8 course dinner                                                                                                                                     – private dining room                                                                                                                             – fully equipped karaoke system

Golden Prosperity Reunion

– S$88 ++ per table (min 6 persons)                                                                                                     – 8 course dinner                                                                                                                                     – auspicious lion dance performance                                                                                                 – “Huat Ah!” goodie bag

Joyous Abundance Reunion

– S$68 ++ per table (min 6 persons)                                                                                                     – 8 course dinner                                                                                                                                     – auspicious lion dance performance                                                                                                 – “Huat Ah!” goodie bag


When I first heard about this promotion I was like ‘huh… CNY food ah…’, thinking about the usual lo hei, pen cai, steamed fish and longevity noodle… But I received a delightful surprise when I saw the food laid out on the table.

There was quite a number of dishes there but I feel that the ones worth mentioning are THESE babes here –


Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Truffle Oil and Kombu

Honestly really shocked when I saw this western dish because I really didn’t expect anything other than chinese dishes there. I really loved the plating and the taste was certainly not disappointing. It had a really strong truffles aroma and those who fancy extra oily pastas will absolutely love this because it is literally drenched in truffles oil!


Homemade Mandarin Orange Salmon

I usually only eat the salmon and the crunchy crunchy tidbits in loheis (not sorry) so I was quite delighted when I found out that they had dedicated one full dish to salmon itself. In light of CNY, Amara has infused mandarin orange in the dish, giving a fruity taste which I thought was pretty unique!


Drunken Chicken

As plain and simple this dish looks, it’s actually my favorite meat dish there. The chicken was tender and juicy, with a subtle taste of chinese alcohol.


Cucumber with Sesame Dressing

Do not belittle this simple looking dish because this is the best dish of the night! It is only made up of cucumber, sesame and chilli sauce but I can safely say that this was my favorite dish of the day. Because of the slight sourness the chilli had, it really opened up my appetite that night. Honestly, I’d buy a bucket of this and eat it in the cinema because this is the perfect snack! (it’s healthy too)


Beef Borguignon

My favorite part of this dish was actually the mashed potato! Sounds a bit confusing coming from a meat lover, I know, but if you’ve tasted the TRUFFLE OIL Mashed Potato you’d understand where I’m coming from. The silky smooth mashed potato had such a rich truffles flavor!



Chempedak Desserts

The very talented chefs has also came up with a unique set of desserts with a chempedak theme. Sadly, I personally don’t really like the flavor of it but my sister on the other hand thought it was really tasty. I do feel like this dish deserves a mention. It is the creme brulee and oddly enough it has the texture and subtle taste of durians, which I thought was quite interesting.

Other dishes

For reservations:
Contact: +65 6879 2610
Amara Singapore Hotel
165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088539
Tel: +65 6227 3848

Thank you Amara Hotel for the invite!


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