Kam’s Roast Singapore – Michelin One Star Restaurant Serving The Best Hong Kong Roasted Duck, Char Siew and Roasted Meat

Hong Kong is famous for being a food paradise and one of my favorite there is roast meat. There’s a huge difference between hk’s roast meat compared to Singapore’s one and it’s really rare to find any traditional hk roast meat here so honestly I was really excited when my parents brought me here.


Kam’s Roast is most famous for its duck, which is so tender and juicy that it resembles the texture of a roasted goose. You’ll be surprised at how soft the duck meat is, compared to most that are sold in other places.


Although Kam’s Roast’s signature dish is his duck but tbh my personal favorite is their char shew. Just look at the gloss on the meat! It has a really strong honey taste which is locked up in the tender pork meat. And it has just the right amount of fat which makes the meat soft and juicy without making it too gelat.


The roasted pork may not fit most people’s tastes, especially because the traditional ones tend to have a larger/more layers of fat in the meat. But personally I prefer less fatty meat so I can eat without any guilt!


For a complete Asian meal of course we can’t leave out RICE! But Kam’s Roast do offer an equally enticing alternative which is their noodles which has an amazing chewy texture. To take it up a notch, you can order a bowl of duck sauce for free and drizzle all that goodness on your rice or noodle.

Honestly think that this place lives up to it’s Michelin Star and if you’re one to appreciate traditional hk roast then you have to give it a shot!

Trust me you won’t be disappointed!



9 Scotts Road, #01-04/05/06/07,
Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228 210
+65 6836 7788 |
360 Virtual Tour


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