Best Fish and Chips- Big Fish Small Fish Food Review

Located at the far north of Singapore, Big Fish Small Fish can be found in the cargo container bistro in Riviera (Punggol). It takes quite a bit of effort to travel there especially if you stay in the East like me but I promise that it’ll be worth it.

When my friend sent me an article of the container bistro I was quite skeptical because it said ‘artbox’ inspired which got me thinking that it was going to packed. But thankfully, it was far from my expectations because the place was relatively empty and had a really nice chill vibes going on.


I feel the need to include this because it’s not easy to spot the place, especially at night because it’s not brightly lit and crowded. It’s just beside Tebing Lane which is beside the river.


There’s a limited number of restaurants there so we chose the one that looked the most aesthetic which is this fish and chips place. I was instantly attracted by the menu because I’ve never had the chance to choose the type of fish for my fish and chips. There was Dory, Tilapia, Sea Bass and Salmon and a chart, explaining the different tastes and textures of the fishes. And just look at the price of the food like it is so affordable and worth it for what they’re serving!


I ordered the Sea Bass fish and chips while my friend ordered the Tilapia one. (Fishes are buried in the sea of chips)


I’ve never had a fish and chips like that before. I can’t really describe in full what it tasted like and I didn’t manage to take a photo of the fish. But you could really taste the fish and the texture of it was so soft. It felt like eating steamed fish, but with the fried element with it. The Tilapia, on the other hand, didn’t have the fishy taste that the sea bass had.

I usually eat my fish with tartar sauce but at Big Fish Small Fish, there are other options to choose from from their sauce bar such as Nacho Cheese, Chili Sauce and other special sauces such as Curry Mayo and XO Mayo.


For dessert we ordered the Sea Salt Charcoal Churros which was extremely disappointing. Not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to taste or if the kitchen forgot to sprinkle some of that sea salt because the only salt that was there, was me being salty for not ordering the other flavors instead. But really though their Original Flavored Churros comes with a condensed milk dip which honestly, who doesn’t love condensed milk?


The drinks there are pretty expensive though, around $3-4 for a cup of soft drink. There are other bistros around so if you want something else to drink like alcohol then you should probably find a seat that’s outside the restaurant.

I’d definitely go back despite the distance because not only is the food delicious, I also really love the atmosphere there like Punggol is just a really nice place to chill la.

Locate them!

Address : 50 Punggol East #01-K35 Singapore 828826

Address : Northpoint City, South Wing #02-132

Email :

Operation Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12pm to 12am
Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday: 12pm to 1am



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