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[REVIEW] Su Food – Vegetarian Food That Non Vegetarians Will Love

I’m pretty sure i’m not the only one, who at some point, had a misconception of vegetarian food. Never would I expect, vegetarian food to be as tasty, if not tastier, than meat packed dishes. This is my second visit to Su Food and before my virgin experience there last year, I never thought I would crave for VEGETARIAN FOOD.

photo_2018-04-12_20-35-40 (2)

I used to think that all vegetarian dishes were bland and boring and whenever I thought of vegetarian food, I thought of plates and plates of tasteless greens. But at Su Food, there is such a large variety of dishes which are cooked in such a way that you won’t realize that it’s vegetarian until you’re told.

To get the best deal, order the 6-course or 8-course meals, which comes with an appetizer, handmade rosemary breadstick, mulberry cider (only for 8-course), choice of salad, choice of soup, choice of mains, choice of dessert and choice of beverage (only for 8-course).




The appetizer is standard across all set meals and comes in 3 bite-sized snacks. Starting with the one with the lightest taste- radish covered in blueberry sauce, followed by sesame sauce drizzled vegetables and a sour plum jello to work up your appetite.

Handmade Rosemary Breadstick


I really enjoyed the infusion of herbs into the breadsticks. And although it may seem like a really filling dish, the whole grain mustard mayonnaise adds a subtle tangy-ness to it, making it more appetizing than filling.

Mulberry Cider


Choice of Salad

Honestly I was really shookt by their choices of salad available. Alongside the classics such as Caesar Salad, Su Food offered several other unique concoctions such as Revitalizing Fruits and Vegetable Salad and Snowflake Strawberry Salad.

Revitalizing Fruits and Vegetable Salad


What I like most about this dish is the plating (sorry I know I’m shallow)- with an assortment of fruits and vegetables placed atop a puddle of blueberry sauce. I personally prefer the Snowflake Strawberry Salad, if you’re going for that fruity mix, because of the wider range of flavors it has.

Snowflake Strawberry Salad

The flavors of this dish really blew me away. Just the strawberry sauce- which was so creamy and fragrant- already won the blueberry drizzle of the other salad. It also has the sweetest pineapple I have ever eaten. To contrast with all those sweetness, there are also cheese crumble and fried taro pieces, elevating the texture of the salad as well as giving it a balanced taste.

Choice of Soups

Not really a fan of soups but I must say that I was quite delighted with the ones in Su Food. I tried the Cream of Black Truffle Soup and Vegetable Chowder with Edamame; both were really creamy and packed with flavor!


Choice of Mains

Baked Shell Pasta with Black Truffles


It’s pretty obvious which main course I ordered (anything with truffles).

Star Pizza with Cream Cheese & Wasabi Tomato Sauce


This was actually quite disappointing because I expected a more authentic wasabi flavor, but instead the overall taste it had was this mayonnaise-like taste. I did like how there was a Japanese fusion, with the seaweed and wasabi but I just felt like it didn’t really go that well together.

Zesty Oyster Mushroom Stone Pot Rice


This was such a surprise though because it didn’t really look appetizing. But it was actually really refreshing because every dish was so creamy and cheesy to a point that I almost puked (only because I’m slightly lactose intolerant not because the food is bad). Plus the kimchi flavor it had made it really appetizing.

Choice of Desserts

Roselle Jelly Yogurt with Almond Bits


Ok this was really REALLY sour it’s practically biting into a lemon.

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream


I actually ordered this because the last time I visited Su Food, they had another ice-cream dish which tasted really good. Like it had a more fragrant vanilla flavor and it was a lot creamier so I was really disappointed when I took a bite of the new one. The chocolate cake also let me down because I was expecting a more droopy dense cake but instead I was served one of those hard brownies that no one takes at the buffet bars.



The tiramisu is the best out of the three desserts I tried so I guess you can order this.

photo_2018-04-12_20-35-42 (2)

Locate them!
Raffles city shopping centre
252 North Bridge Road, #02-19
Singapore 179103

T: (65) 6333 5338

Open daily:
Lunch: 1130am – 3pm (last order at 230pm)
Dinner: 530pm – 10pm (last order at 930pm)





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