FatBoy – DIY Burgers and Thick Milkshakes

I’ve always had this craving to eat a 5 layered burger, comprising of 3 different patties, 7 different sauces, bacon, ham, onions… Obviously, you must be thinking ‘just give up la. What kind of restaurant will serve such a burger’. That’s where you’re wrong. At Fatboys, you can actually DIY such a bizarre burger with no limits (other than the amount of cash you have).

DIY Burger ($$ depends)

What surprised me the most was the variety of ingrediments they have for your burger concoction. Here are some of the few that really stood out- lamb pattygrilled bananas and truffle mayo. Like what?? Have you ever seen these on a regular menu before? Honestly, Fatboys is the place to be to satisfy your weird food kinks like literally my friend added grilled pineapple and peanut butter sauce to her burger.


I was a little skeptical about getting the lamb patty cause I’ve never even heard of a lamb burger, let alone taste it. For the sides I ordered spam, jalapenos, caramelized onions, guacamole and chilli queso and blue cheese dressing as the sauce. This totaled up to about $21. I really loved the harmony between the earthiness of the lamb and the richness of the blue cheese together. And the guacamole and chilli really gave the overall flavor an extra kick!

Malt Shake ($8.50)


Of course you can’t have burgers without a good ol’ thicc shake to wash it down! I ordered their Chocolate Malt Shake and added Peanut Butter (addition of $0.50). The outcome was truly mind-blowing. Now this is one of those drinks that you’ll either love or hate. When you first take a sip of it, you get hit with an intense peanut butter flavor, and as the fluid slides down your throat, oh so slowly, is when the fragrance of the rich chocolate manifests. Almost like swallowing a liquid Reese cup.

Country Fried Steak ($18.80)

photo_2018-04-29_11-53-24 (2)

Besides burgers, they also offer main dishes which looks pretty attractive on the menu but are actually quite disappointing imo. My friends and I tried the Country Fried Steak which is a “tender cube steak coated in our secret herbed seasoning and cooked till crisp. Topped with cheesy bechamel sauce”

From the description, I was expecting an actual whole steak but instead what was on my plate was minced beef. In addition to the huge letdown, the texture of the steak was horrible. It was really chewy and tough and even my friend- who shared half the dish with me- was unable to finish his portion because of how tiring it was to chew. The portion was also huge, making it a bore to eat through the whole plate.

Grilled Salmon Fillet ($18.00)


My friend also ordered a Grilled Salmon Fillet, which was honestly not bad, but definitely paled in comparison with Fatboy’s burgers.

My verdict? ONLY order their burgers!! If you’re someone who lacks in creativity when it comes to food, or is simply to lazy to create your own burger, you can always just order the burgers off their menus which are just as good!

The Burgatory ($15.50)


Such a cringe name for a dish but nonetheless a super tasty burger!! Topped with chili queso and jalapenos, this burger is for the ones who crave a little spice in their lives. The taste is very similar to that of chili cheese fries.



Locate them!


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