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How to Get Rid Of Acne

If you’re a teenager like me then I’m sure you can relate to these scenarios: spamming pimple cream on your face till the point that your friends and family thinks that you’re about to cast for the role as Sadako, getting distracted by a bright red pimple on your nose when you desperately try to admire yourself in the mirror or even stomach growling when you see yourself in the mirror because your face reminds of pepperoni pizza.


Ever since the puberty truck ran over me, I’ve never had a day where my face was clear of blemishes. There was always bumps and spots on my skin and thankfully it was never too bad for the first few years. It was only when I started entering JC, for some reason, that my face started to house more pimples and blackheads. No amount of pimple cream and facial products could get rid of the flaws on my skin. And alas, the fateful day came, where my face started erupting with these small little white heads. I was honestly really scared because while I had been having pimples, it was never as bad as what it looked like in the photo down below.


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Me being a vain little bitch, obviously skipped school to visit a dermatologist and was prescribed a new facial wash, a tube of pimple cream and a small cylinder of antiseptic like liquid. I’ll be talking more about these products at the end of my post, because what I want to focus on in this blog post is actually more of the little things we can change in our lifestyle which can effectively change our skin condition.

1) Cut down on spicy food


I love spicy food like I always ‘add spicy’ to all my meals in school if possible. And I guess this is actually the biggest reason of why my skin was so bad in JC1. Eating spicy food doesn’t necessarily cause acne, but it does irritate the skin and causes breakouts. Personally, whenever I eat spicy food I feel like my pores are expanding, maybe because of the perspiration, but my face does get very red and puffy right after eating spicy food. I’ve actually cut down my intake of chili drastically since the start of 2018 and my skin has definitely gotten a lot better.

2) Drink lots and lots of water


I can’t really tell if this helped me because I’ve always been hydrating my thirsty ass, but I did google to check and apparently drinking water does wonders to your skin. If you don’t believe me you can click here! But honestly even if it doesn’t do anything to your skin, you should still take up the habit of drinking more water.

Fun fact: we actually need to drink 16 cups of water for men and 12 cups for women

3) Sleeping early


Another one of those things that you should be doing if you wanna stay healthy, but for me, whenever I stay up, I’ll find myself waking up with a brand new pimple somewhere and it’s one of those mosquito bite looking ones.

4) Stop touching your face!


I’ve always had this super bad habit of resting my face on my hand and this is actually a super super bad thing to do because there are actually a lot of germs on your hands! I also always see my friends like rubbing their pimples for some reason which really makes me confused because rubbing it doesn’t making it go away…

5) Hair


This was actually a huge concern of mine back in JC1, to the point that I actually stopped styling my hair for half a year because I thought that my skin problems were caused by hair products. But this is actually only half true! because it’s more of your hairstyle and the types of hair products that you use. During the last few months of 2016, I tried to grow up my hair to do this man-bun thing so my fringe was at about 6 inches. That plus the strong winds in Australia, which blew my hair onto my face, kinda kickstarted this acne/pimple journey for me.

I honestly thought that I would never style my hair again until I started using Quicksand by Hanz De Fuko (can read the review here), which is a dryer product which does not contribute any oil on my forehead and face. And true enough, I haven’t been getting breakouts after switching products.


Okay going back to how I was saved by the products.

Klenskin Shower-on Sunscreen (Facial Wash)


This facial wash not only cleanses your skin, but acts as a sunblock to protect your skin from uv light, which actually make breakouts more common for people who are prone to acne. So this 2 in 1 facial wash is really suitable for lazy people like me who are too tired in the morning to apply another layer of product on his skin.



Apply this twice a day after cleansing your face for maximum disinfection. There’s like this oddly satisfying burn whenever I apply this, which kinda signals that it is actually working.

Differin Pimple Cream


This is actually quite an effective acne cream which you can read all about here!

I also have to thank My Cozy Room (review here!) for removing whatever residues left on my skin after this catastrophe. There were a lot of blackheads underneath my skin and made my skin very lumpy and rough.

I hope this post will help my fellow hormone-spiking brothers out there. Thank you for reading.

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