The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) Food Review (Updated Menu April 2018)

TCC is my family’s go-to restaurant and their frequent menu updates never cease to surprise us!

Soft Shell Crab Taco / $12.5


A very good infusion of the Japanese soft shell crab and wasabi mayonaise in the western taco. What caught me off guard though, was the taco shell. Instead of using the traditional corn shell, a piece of seaweed- which was just as crunchy- was wrapped around the filling. There was such a nice balance between the crisp of the seaweed and the softness of the crab!

Hazelnut Matcha Milkshake / $8.50

photo_2018-05-19_22-10-01 (2)

I never really liked TCC’s beverages because they aren’t that nice and it’s pretty expensive. I know I’m gonna sound like a basic white girl but I do feel that Starbucks has nicer drinks and I prefer spending money there instead. But something compelled me to order their new drink- the hazelnut matcha milkshake. I really liked the taste of the drink, though I felt like it would’ve been better if it was creamier because it felt more like an ice-blend.

Truffle Egg Sandwich / $12.8


Another new dish! It’s pretty hard to go wrong with truffles and of course this dish was no exception. The truffle taste really brought this simple dish of eggs, lettuce and toast to a new level.

Grilled Striploin / $25.8


The chefs at TCC have certainly outdone themselves, with their new addition of the grilled striploin with a heavenly carrot-potato puree. I was like ‘shit’ when I first saw the meat perched on the yellow puddle because I forgot to separate the sauce like I always do, because there are some sauces which completely overpowers the taste of the beef. This dish however, has a perfect harmony between the char from the beef and richness of the vegetable puree.

Breaded Gruyere & Cheddar-Stuffed Chicken / $21.8

photo_2018-05-19_22-10-12 (2).jpg

I was super hyped when I saw this dish because of a cooking video that I saw recently. Crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside, this dish is exactly the same as the description on the menu. I felt that it was really jelat tho like I was kinda struggling to finish the last few pieces because of cheesy and fried it was. Again this is another dish that I feel like it should be shared.

Parmesan-Crusted Grilled Chicken / $22.8


I feel that this dish is very similar to the one above. The taste is very similar and you can still get that fried chicken crunch from the cripsy cheese of this dish. It is also less jelat and the meat is more tender so I do recommend this over the cheddar-stuffed chicken if you’re craving for chicken.

Dome Surprise / $13


I know I know it is kinda pricey, but the $13 does come with an extra feat of having an aesthetically pleasing video on your story! Some may find this dish a little too sweet for their liking- with the combination of chocolate, vanilla and caramel- but if you have a sweet tooth like me then you’ll devour it effortlessly.

(Review of their classic dishes)

Saucy Crispy Wings / $12

photo_2018-05-19_22-10-07 (2)

These wings are a must to order whenever my family come here. It is crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. With an array of flavors to choose from from the classic buffalo sauce to their new slightly quirky one- Parmasan and Cheese. I felt tha tthe  My personal favorite is their (sour one) which has a combination of tang and spice, opening up my appetite.

Seafood Aglio Olio / $23.5


I don’t usually order aglio olio outside because it’s one of those dishes that I can easily prepare at home. But there’s just something about TCC’s aglio olio that makes me order it over and over again- the zesty flavor it has. Alongside the fragrance of garlic and spice from the chili flakes, their aglio olio has a tangy touch to it, alleviating the overall flavor of the dish, giving it a whole new style.

Chicken & Mushroom Tortellini / $18.8

It is a pasta stuffed with portobello mushrooms, pine nuts and chicken in a cream sauce. I wouldn’t order this dish just for myself because I feel like it’s super jelat ah and the taste gets quite boring after awhile. And it’s also quite easy to share because the pasta is piece by piece.




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