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[REVIEW] Long Beach – Best Alaskan King Crab In Singapore

The first thought that comes to mind when you think of a crab dish in Singapore- will definitely be JUMBO’s Black Pepper Crab. Now I’m going to introduce you to this very underrated dish- the White Pepper Sauce Alaskan Crab.

So obviously I bolded Alaskan for a reason, because for those who didn’t know (like me), the famous black pepper crab is usually the Sri Lankan Mud Crab, which is very different from that of an Alaskan King Crab.


Imagine a plate of steaming hot crab drizzled in black pepper sauce; I bet you’re eyeing for the claws right? The SL crab’s best parts are their claws which are not only the easiest to eat, but the juiciest. Sadly, there’s only two and you have to step polite and offer it to others at the table. There’ll never be such a moment when you’re eating Alaskan crabs though, because their legs are the tastiest parts and the best part is- there are so many of them. Their legs are so much thicc-er and can absorb so much gravy. Every bite was literally exploding with flavor ahh!!


Honestly I’m the kind of person who hates getting their hands dirty when eating. Like I’m so lazy that I’ve developed my one and only skill to remove prawn shells with any utensils easily, but obviously it’s pretty impossible to do that with crabs. And I always get my whole hand dirty when I eat SL crabs because of how hard their shell is. The Alaskan crab though, has a really soft shell and the chefs at Long Beach actually do most of the job for you by cutting the shells before serving, so you can break it easily.

The way to eat this is to pair it with white pepper sauce, and ask for another bowl of sauce to drizzle it over your meat for max flavor. There are other flavors such as curry and the popular black pepper, but my dad who has tried a few others felt that white pepper is no doubt the winning flavor. Sadly I’ve only had the chance to try the white pepper one, but from how it tasted, I was quite sure that nothing could beat that combo!

Aside from the crab, there were also other dishes like the bamboo clam and roasted duck which are my favorite!!


Not gonna lie I was actually on a diet because my concert was in the same week and of course my vain ass has to look good so I was really trying to maintain myself that night. Unwillingly, I separated the layer of skin and fat from the slices of meat except for this one piece which was stuck together. I was planning to remove it with my mouth but the moment my teeth sank into the fat, breaking apart the crisp skin, releasing all the fatty goodness in my mouth, I began my sinful indulgence and swallowed it whole. No regrets though because it was honestly really really good and I was really surprised at how good it was for a seafood restaurant.


If you’re still not convinced, then just head down to one of their outlets to give it a shot. It might not be as good as the Black Pepper Crab for you, but it will be something different!



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