Why Tampines West is My Hangout

So recently I’ve been going to Tampines West to grind a lot like it has turned into my second home. And since I’ve been so busy studying, I ran out of content which is why I’ll be doing a short personal post as to why I love hanging at Twest’s Starbucks.

My friend actually told me about Tampines West and so I decided to give it a shot since it was only a 15 minutes cycle from my house. To be honest I kinda expected the place to be packed and that I had to cycle back home because you usually wouldn’t be able to get a seat on a Saturday afternoon. It really surprised me because the place was more than half empty.


Ever since then I just started going there every Saturday after my tuition and now that the holidays have started I go there almost every other day. It’s really different from other Starbucks like when I’m there, I feel 10x more productive. I think it’s really the vibes of the place. Most Starbucks are inside a mall and it’s just a lot noisier than usual but in twest, you can only hear the rumbling of the coffee machines and clanking of cups amidst their pretty sick playlist.

Saturday may or may not be the best time to go there because it’s when they usually have their events right outside Starbucks. There was this one time they had a cultural festival and started blasting mother tongue music for hours. But it’s also when they screen movies at night and they give out FREE POPCORN.


You can pretty much live there because there are eateries- Subway, Mcdonald and this fancier place called Brothers in Fine Food so you can settle your 3 meals without having to eat the same thing in a day.


Despite all my good words please do not come here it’s already started to get crowded. It’s actually also really inconvenient to come here unless you live nearby because the closest MRT station is Tampines West which is a 10 minutes walk away and the bus stop only has two buses.

Also here’s a little tip for my fellow broke students out there who can only be productive after buying a drink: using their tumbler gets you a 50c off every drink. It is around $20 but I really feel like it’s one of those worth it long-term investments. And if you’re really feeling it you can just leave an empty cup on your table and take a few sips of stale air every now and then. #lifehacks




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