Picnic @Wisma Atria – Omasake Burger, Mexout Tacos and Pasta

If you’re looking for a place to host a party, hang with a group of friends or even go on a date, I have a place for you. Picnic is a marche-like restaurant but with a more chill and relaxing vibes. I stumbled upon this place while looking for Omakase Burger, not knowing that it was just a mere food stall in something greater.

The place is so spacious and definitely insta-worthy. There’s even a relaxation area with arcade machines with over 600 games,  a foosball table and a Playstation console and they’re all free of charge! And just like the name suggests, it really did feel like having a picnic with my friends with all the greenery and wooden furniture in the restaurant.


Bacon Beef Burger @ Omakase Burger // $18


The first stall I went to was obviously Omakase Burger. It is a luxury burger made out of premium wagyu beef. I was kinda surprised when they asked me how well I want my beef to be and even more surprised when they managed to cook it just the way I wanted. The beef was extremely juicy and not overly salty or marinated, so you could really taste the beef. The burger falls apart too easily though and despite it’s quality, I find the price too high especially because how small the burger is.

Tacos @ Mexout // $9.50


This is quite a catch honestly as I wasn’t expecting to find a main dish under $10. Mexout’s Tacos cost $9.50 for 2, with a variety of fillings such as chicken, pork, beef and even prawn. I was actually going to try a seafood taco but my cravings for pork got the better of me and I ended up ordering it. Just the pulled pork itself reminded me of Indian cuisine because of the spiking aroma of the spices embedded in it. But there’s a very good balance of flavor between the spices and the fresh herbs and the jalepenos which brings out the Mexican in the dish. I especially love the subtle hotness from the Jalepenos. 10/10 would recommend this affordable but delicious dish!

Grandma’s Meatballs @ Flour & Water // $6


Because we were running out money, we decided to order a bowl of meatballs instead of pastas from Flour & Water, which was quite a waste because there were some dishes such as the Vodka Rigatoni which really appealed to me. Thank god the meatballs did not disappoint. For $6, you get a bowl of steaming hot meatballs drenched in a flavorful marinara sauce with a strong herbs flavor.

Blueberry Pie // $8


For dessert we ordered their blueberry pie. I don’t think I would try their desserts on my next visit because of how disappointing the pie was. It tasted kinda stale and the crust was soggy, which really bugged me because I’m all about the crust. It was also $8 which is so expensive like I could’ve gotten a pie that is 10x better and at half the price at Hans.


There’s actually quite a large variety of food: Japanese, Taiwanese, Rostis and even luxury grilled cheese and hotdogs (was dying to try this). Honestly would’ve tried them all if I wasn’t brokeYou can check out their menu here.


Locate them!

Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, Level 3 (Unit 03-15)
435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877

+65 6734 8352

Opening hours:
10am to 10pm
(trucks start at 11am, last order at 9.30pm)



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