How to cut your own hair at home + Braun BT 5070 Review

I’ve always given myself trims on the sides and back of my hair and contrary to popular belief, it’s actually very easy and doable. In this post, I’ll be sharing about how I cut my hair along with some tips for those who want to try it out along with the review of the new shaver I bought – Braun BT 5070


My rationale for cutting my own hair at home is because I don’t like having overgrown messy side, like the edges of your hair that kinda stick out when it’s long. And I’m not willing to pay $12 at the barber just to clean up the sides.

I didn’t take a video of the process but I actually learnt how to cut my own hair from this video. It’s a 2-block cut which is basically an undercut all around the sides and back.


I do have a few tips when it comes to cutting your hair at home though. To avoid a mess, wet your hair beforehand so that it’s easier to clean up afterwards. Otherwise, you’re going to have a really hard time trying to pick up drips and drabs of hair in your toilet. Secondly, use a clip or a hair tie for the back part of your hair because you only have 2 hands, 1 for the shaver and the other for a mirror to see the back of your head and you wouldn’t want to shave off the wrong parts.


Last tip and also the most important one (which is why I’m giving it its own paragraph), is to always start LONG. If you go for a number 1 cut and screw up you’d wanna punch yourself in the face. The shorter your hair cut, the more obvious the mistakes are. There was this one time I went 2mm on my side burns and it was SO UNEVEN but I just left it as it is because I really didn’t dare to shave anymore hair off. So yes, especially if this is your first time cutting your hair, I recommend going for a lighter trim.


Before buying the Braun BT 5070, I was actually contemplating between this and the latest model, Braun MGK3080. The latest model has a 9 different functions which is very appealing but I decided to settle for the BT 5070 because of its precision when it comes to shaving.


It comes with 2 different dials: one with a 1mm-10mm dial with a 1mm step and the other one with a 10mm-20mm guard, with a 2mm step. With this, it really makes it easier to achieve that slope/gradient that requires a little more technique with normal numbered guards.

For my haircut (which you can barely tell the difference), I used a 10mm guard on the sides and 12mm on the back, followed by a 9mm and 10mm on the edges of the sides and back respectively to give it a slight gradient. Doing so also makes the edges neater. I actually took some before and after photos but it really doesn’t show much of a difference, because all I did was trim it a bit so it doesn’t look rabz, so I won’t be including any photos.

If you’re interested in buying the shaver, you can get in online at Lazada where I got mine.



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