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Grand Canyon Day Tour Review – Things To Do In California

If you’re in the area then you HAVE to include this in your itinerary. Even if you’re not the sporty or nature type, I promise you you won’t regret coming here.

Because of all the distance (we were in California) and safety reasons, we opted for a day tour from Grand Adventures. There are different packages to choose from and we went for the full package ($175) which includes the a photo stop at the famous Las Vegas Sign, Skywalk and a guided hike at Guano Pt at Grand Canyon, a stop at Hoover Dam and the most attractive part, breakfast at McDonald’s.

The Las Vegas Sign is one of those places that you have to take a picture at, otherwise it’s almost like you didn’t go to Vegas, so I was pretty glad that this was included in the program.


I feel like I should briefly mention the breakfast in McDonald’s. I really loved how there was such a large variety to choose from compared to in Singapore where there’s only like a few wraps and the breakfast meals. (I super love breakfast)

It’s a super long ride to Grand Canyon so do keep in mind not to drink so much water before!

The view there was simply breathtaking. I had zero expectations of the place because I thought it was just going to rocks rocks and rocks. But when I was there, seeing the magnificent red rocks against the horizons really shookt me. I should let the photos speak for the place but they really don’t do it justice.

photo_2018-06-12_21-43-06 (2)

After maybe 20 minutes or so of free and easy time in the area, you’ll be guided towards the Skywalk area which is kinda their main attraction. It’s a glass floor that extends out of the cliff so you can have a view of the pit beneath your feet. I personally felt that it was very underwhelming because the glass was severely scratched and blurred out, making it impossible to get a good view of the abyss beneath. Objects such as cameras are also prohibited for fear that someone might drop it and break the glass. You can still ask the tour guide to take photos for you like what most of us did though.


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I really enjoyed the guided hike at Guano Pt because I got to learn a lot about the lifestyle of the people who used to live there. Major props to our tour guide Chad for not only being so knowledgeable but more importantly, so engaging and interesting to talk to!



Really, having a great tour guide makes a huge difference to your experience so I’m really thankful for ours. He kept engaging us in conversations and telling us stories about the history and culture of the native tribes. In addition to that, he also taught us how to take some step photos which makes us look like we’re at the edge of the cliff or doing some crazy stunts but it’s really all about the angles.


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After a super long and tiring day, the tour comes to an end at the last attraction, Hoover Dam. The view here is really dam (laugh) nice la.


That’s pretty much the whole day tour. It starts at around 7 am and ends at around 6 pm. It is a little tiring and a little time consuming, but it’s really a brand new experience that I really recommend trying!!

Book your tour here!


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