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[REVIEW] The Flame Cafe – Affordable Set Lunch Featuring the Rendang Beef Burger and Mussels Carbonara

I recently went back to The Flame Cafe to try out their new dishes and I received a delightful surprise. Even though they are well known for their 4-tier pagoda steamboat, their ala-carte menu is just as good! Not only are they tasty, but also super affordable.

Signature Drinks | $7.90


From left to right, Virgin Pinerise, Roy Rogers and Lemongrass Honey Cooler. Don’t let their weird names put off and give them a try because you won’t be able to find these anywhere else. The Virgin Pinerise is the most ‘generic’ tasting out of the three. It is a mix of pineapple and grenadine syrup, which tastes like canned cherry, and has a very refreshing and light sweetness to it. Roy Rogers is a mixture of coke, cherry and grenadine syrup and tastes just like coke and cherry. I actually hated the lemongrass honey drink at first but then after taking a few more sips, the herb-y, sweet taste of it kinda grew on me. It’s extremely refreshing to drink and has these little pockets of sweetness from the honey at the bottom of the glass.

Battered Fried Calamari | $7


I was really surprised by how perfect the texture was. Don’t you just hate it when you eat squid like food and it’s damn chewy so you have to shove the whole thing in your mouth like a savage and chew forever… But for this, I was able to take a clean bite of the calamari in half.

Mussels Carbonara | $12.90

photo_2018-06-16_14-49-58 (2)

This is my favorite dish that night! The carbonara was super creamy and had a really strong garlic flavor. For $13, it was a really good plate of pasta and I highly recommend it. I did expect the seafood taste to be infused with the cream but I couldn’t taste any. The mussels were also really over cooked, to the point where it’s so small that I legit thought that there was no mussels in the shell.

Rendang Beef Burger | $12.90


The meat was extremely tender. I loved how there’s the chewy chewy bits of fat and meat and how it’s not too stiff like the mcdonald kind of patty. The juice from the patty along with the rendang sauce had such a nice blend. The dish would’ve been an 11/10 if there was more sauce, because personally I felt that the rendang taste wasn’t really distinct enough. But if you prefer a lighter flavor like my sister, then this dish is perfect for you! They also offer the Rendang Chicken Burger if you can’t eat beef.

Grilled Salmon | $16.90


I was quite surprised by the sauce. It was a bit citrusy, which made it really appetizing and easy to finish. The salmon was also really tender. I didn’t like how the fries were soaked in the sauce though, so if you like your fries crispy then do remember to request to separate the fries!

Green Tea Mousse Cake | $8.90


I felt that the green tea taste was not strong enough and was easily overpowered by the oreo crumbles. It was very creamy and smooth so disregarding the lack of matcha in the dessert, I’d give it a 10/10!

Banana Fritters | $8.90

Capture 1

The smell was insanely strong but I didn’t really like this dish. I kinda expected the exterior part to be of a different texture though, and it also kinda had a bitter taste to the bananas.

photo_2018-03-30_11-18-47 (2)

If you’re drooling from the photos then do head down to The Flame Cafe and try out their food. I highly recommend getting the Mussels Carbonara and Rendang Beef Burger because like it’s so good and so affordable??

Locate them!
73 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Centro Bianco #01-01
Singapore 534818

6282 0251


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