Is the McGriddles nice?

Besides the Trump-Kim summit, I’m guessing this is the next most popular topic in Singapore, the return of the McGriddles. The McGriddles was actually part of Singapore’s menu until it was removed 3 years ago. For some reason I have never tried a McGriddles before I really have no idea why considering I’ve been living here for the past 18 years. Nonetheless if you’re like me, you must be wondering what this hype is all about.

In light of the FIFA World Cup 2018, McDonald has also launched the Chicken Pizza Kicks, Banana Soft Serve Cone, Banana Shake and the Party McFlurry.

Sausage McGriddles w Egg | $5.40


I loved the McGriddles oh my god I’m honestly so glad they brought it back to Singapore and made it an all-day breakfast thing. It’s $4.20 without egg and $5.40 with egg. To  be honest this is just pancakes and sausage drizzled in maple syrup, which can be assembled from a Breakfast Deluxe but it IS cheaper and less taxing to just buy a McGriddles.

Happy Sharing Box (8 McWings + 12 Chicken Pizza Kicks) | $13


I wanted to try the Chicken Pizza Kicks so I bought the sharing box with 8 McWings and 12 Pizza Kicks. It was pretty dumb of me but for some reason I had really high expectations for the pizza balls. I thought it was going to be filled with cheese and pepperoni I really don’t know why so obviously I was super disappointed when I tried it. Not knowing there was marinara sauce in the ball, I wanted to take a photo of the inside so I took a bite to halve it and the thing exploded onto my shirt (brand new and white) so ok no I didn’t take the photo and didn’t dare to bite it in half anymore.

If you haven’t tried the McGriddles then you should do it soon because they may remove it from the menu again.

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