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[JAPAN] ZAUO – Catch Your Own Fish and Eat It Fresh In The Restaurant!

If you’re a fan of seafood and more importantly – Sashimi then you have to give this place a try. Sure, it’s easy to find high quality sashimi everywhere in Japan but to be given an opportunity to fish for your meal? This is a unique experience you wouldn’t wanna miss. Also I’m really sorry for the low quality photos. They were taken before I had portrait mode.


ZAUO offers lobster, sea bass, prawns, abalone… Not only do they offer a large variety of different seafood, you can also request to serve it in different ways such as sashimi, grilled with salt and boiled.


photo_2018-06-16_22-03-45 (2).jpg

my max concentration face

Before I tell you about how good the food is, let me just bring you through the catching process. The fishing rod costs ¥100 and the bait is free. Be mindful to try to catch what you want because you can’t exchange your catch or place it back in the tank, because it’s cruel for the animals to be hooked multiple times before getting eaten and it will also affect its freshness. After catching your fish, you can approach any of ZAUO’s friendly staff and tell them how you want them to cook it. Of course you can skip all these and just order directly from the menu but where’s the fun in that? (It is also cheaper to catch your own fish)


Also don’t be dumb like us. You can use your hands directly to grab the abalone because it takes a lot of effort to pull it up due to its suction cups thing.


photo_2018-06-16_22-03-41 (2)

I recommend getting 1 fish and 1 lobster and then try every single one of their shellfish.

For the fish, we accidentally ordered the whole thing in sashimi, but if given a second choice, I’d have ordered it in sashimi and grilled with salt. And after you’re done, ask them to deep fry the bones. I know it sounds a little weird but trust me it tastes great! Almost like chips but without a sense of guilt when you eat it.


You have to cook the lobster with miso soup after scarfing down the sashimi. It costs ¥150 more but let me just say that I’d order it even if it costs ¥1500 because how flavorful it is??? If you think the lobster soup at Sushi Tei is good then you’re going to love this one.


We also got the this mollusk thing (can someone please tell me what it’s called)  roasted in a savory soy-sauce like sauce, prawns grilled with salt and abalone grilled with vege. Shout out to their abalone omg this one legit must try if you go because you really won’t be able to find a palm sized abalone for S$15.

They have multiple branches in Japan but take note that fishing cannot be done at their main branch in Fukuoka. I went to their Yokohama branch which is a 30 minutes drive from the Fujiko F. Fujio (Doraemon) Museum.

Locate them!





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