Super Healthy Low Calorie Snack – Fruits and Granola Parfait

I’m sorry for the clickbait because I have no idea how many calories this is but greek yogurt, granola and fruits do sound really healthy. If you’re a white girl starbucks frequenter then you should definitely try this out at home. I don’t really have specific measurements to this because it’s really up to your preference. So I’ll just be sharing about what brands of the ingredients I use and how I make them.

photo_2018-06-29_15-55-58 (2)

There’s really no technique to this besides pouring. I think the most important part of this is too make sure that you have just the right amount of yogurt and fruits+ granola, otherwise there wouldn’t be a balance of texture and flavor. Like if there’s too much yogurt it’ll be really boring and if there’s too much granola it’ll make the parfait feel very dry.

I don’t have the exact measurements but I usually go like 2 tablespoons of yogurt to 1-1.5 tablespoons of granola/ fruits and I layer it in a cup. Feel free to drizzle some honey in between the layers to experience pockets of extra sweetness here and there.

So here are the ingredients that I use which can be easily bought from NTUC.

Farmer Union Greek Yogurt | $9.25


There’s plain, honeyvanilla bean and even protein and I personally prefer the honey one. This kinda get wet after a week of opening and if you can’t finish it with this recipe you can add it with one cup of milk, 1 cup of yogurt and some frozen fruits for a delicious smoothie. Click here for easy smoothie ideas!

Fitnesse Granola Oats & Honey | $6.25


See I’m not kidding when I said it’s a healthy meal which is evident from the word fit. I used to use yogooand Kellogg’s which is the flakier and cereal like version. The difference between this and that is this is lumpy instead of flaky and also sweeter. It’s almost like a popcorn except I don’t feel bad after eating half a pack. Personally, I prefer adding this because I feel that it really brings the parfait to the next level. It’s also a really good snack like I’d just grab a handful and eat every now and then.

Just a tip though. The packaging of this is really weird like the lumps (which to me are the best parts) are all at the top leaving the oats at the bottom of the packet so what I usually do is I’ll pour it into a container to ensure that there’s an even distribution of the lumps and the oats.

Acacia Honey | $10.90


If you’re using the Fitnesse Granola Oats then you can omit this because those already have a substantial amount of honey taste. I personally prefer a runnier and milder honey like this one.

So there you have it, my super healthy (probably not) snack which can be made in 5 minutes. You might be seeing more posts like this from now on because I have recently picked up cooking and like I really want to share my tips and tricks and maybe even some recipes so stay tuned!!



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