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[REVIEW] Mellower Coffee – Amazing Coffee, Cakes and Home to the Instagrammable Cotton Candy Coffee

I think I just found my favorite cafe in Singapore – Mellower Coffee. It has really good food that is also grammable, and a very chill/ romantic ambiance. Chanced upon the cafe one night and I was so attracted to the hanging lights at the glass wall and even more in love with the interior design. Everything about the place was just really perfect.


Ok so firstly there was the food. It was slightly pricier than your average cafes but it is honestly very worth it. Cake on a charcoal slate? A E S T H E T I C  la. Ok but obviously the cake itself is amazing too. I’ll talk about the Citrus Meringue Tart first because it’s my favorite out of the 3 that I tried.

Citrus Meringue Tart | $7

no bug.jpg

I really love how refreshing how this is. It’s such a perfect harmony of sour and sweet and the softness of the cream against the crust. It’s really like taking a bite out of heaven like I highly recommend!!

Milli Feuille Mango | $7


In case you’re planning to order this but you’re as uncultured as I am, it’s pronounced ‘Meel Fooi’ (omg i rly don’t know but if it’s wrong you can blame google for this’. Like I didn’t know how to read it so I just ordered “oh I want that um- the mango one…” I think the taste of it was really good, like there was the fresh mango element to it. But I didn’t like how it took so much effort just to eat it because the layers of pastry made it really hard to dig my fork in without making a huge mess.

Salted Caramel Cheese |$7


I am extremely particular about the ‘salted’ part of any salted caramel dish because why call it salted caramel when it’s not there. So I was a bit skeptical when I was ordering but I went for it anyway because the first two cake left a good impression. I was really satisfied with the balance of sweet and savory though I would’ve preferred a more crumbly texture because I felt like the cheesecake was rather creamy.

Sweet Little Rain | $9.80



I was looking through their hashtag and this item popped up the most. My heart ached as I was paying because it was $10 freaking dollars and face it la; it’s just plain americano so I know I was really just paying for the aesthetics. The concept of it is really innovative though. Although I’m being a bitch about the price, it was an interesting experience to watch drips of cotton candy literally drizzle down into the cup. The americano itself is great. I loved the harmony between the acidity and the sweetness from the cotton candy.

Cafe Latte (iced) | $6.60


Their latte is milkier than average but it’s quite a good counter against the coffee they use which I feel that is slightly stronger than what most lattes taste like. And I think that $6.60 for such a large cup of coffee is really worth it!

The atmosphere definitely made the food so much better. I would prefer coming at night when it’s less crowded so got more feels. I really think it’s damn romantic la I kept on recommending it to my friends who ask me where they should go for a date because of the lights and how you can practically have the whole of the second floor to yourself if you go late enough.

Also stay tuned for a part 2 because I just found out that they’re selling $6 sandwiches!

Locate them!
108 Middle Rd (Opposite Bugis National Library)
Singapore 188967

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