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[REVIEW] Som Tam – Modern Thai Fusion Serving Mentaiko Squid, Durian Curry and Instagrammable Drinks

Thai food with a twist!


Thai Souffles Steamed Egg | $10.80

photo_2018-07-06_15-54-32 (2)

I was really shocked because it looked like such a plain dish but when I took a first bite, my taste buds were attacked by a strong and flavorful tomyam soup. Y’all might think that spending $10 on an egg dish is really stupid but I can assure you that it’s worth it!

Thai Style Grilled Squid with Mentaiko | $18.80

photo_2018-07-06_15-54-33 (2)

The incorporation of the Japanese mentaiko definitely gave this dish a unique flair. The mentaiko was slightly spicier than the ones served in Japanese restaurants, which ties in with the spicy-Thai theme. It was so flavorful, but the real star of this dish is no doubt the squid- fresh, cooked to a perfect chewy texture with just the right amount of char.

Massaman curry with Roti | $23.80


I really liked how this is bite-sized and requires assembling, adding a bit of fun into eating. This dish is made up of prata, massaman chicken curry and a mango salad. The curry is very thick and had a strong coconut fragrance and the chicken was so thick and juicy I was actually hoping my sister wouldn’t want it so that I could have it all to myself. Even if you’re a vege hater, I recommend adding the pickled vegetables together with the prata, curry and a small chunk of chicken because the tang and freshness of the salad adds a good contrast with the creamy curry that’ll feel a bit jelat after awhile.

Black Chicken Curry with Musan King Durian | $26.80


I was very surprised by this dish. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of durian and the idea of incorporating a fruit into a savory dish was slightly repulsive to me. The green paste at the top of the dish is a durian puree which you’re supposed to stir into the curry. Before mixing in the paste, the curry tasted mildly sweet with a hint of durian (which I quite like ah) but halfway through the dish I mixed the paste in, thinking it was mashed potato, and the taste became so distinct. To be fair, it was a really well made dish it’s just that I don’t really like durians that much so unless you’re a durian enthusiast, I suggest sharing this dish with someone else.

Assorted Drinks | $6.80 – $7.80

photo_2018-07-06_15-54-33 (3)

We were very fortunate to be able to try all 4 of their new drinks – Blue Cha with Coconut, Rainbow Perrier Ice, Purple Rain ($6.80) and Avocado’s Shake ($7.80).


The Blue Cha with Coconut is basically fresh coconut with food coloring. I expected more from it because I thought blue cha was going to be something special but I guess it just means blue food coloring. Jokes aside, it was very refreshing.


Rainbow Perrier Ice definitely wins the title of most instagrammable dish of the night. It is a sparkling water drink with multicolored fruit syrup ice cubes. Strange enough it didn’t taste like the usual super-sweet-fruit syrups, but more an in between of a cider and fruit jello.

If you missed a chance to go to artbox then fret not because you can get one of those overrated color-changing drinks at Som Thai without having to squeeze and queue in that humid environment. Purple Rain is a lemon-lime-ish fizzy drink. The color of the drink changes from blue to purple after the addition of a sprite-like shot so get your phones ready! There is, actually, too much syrup so if you want something less sweet but still refreshing then you could order the first two drinks mentioned above.


The Avacado’s Shake is very thicc and has a very legit avocado taste (because some avocado shake tend to taste a bit bland). It’s not that the drink is not nice, but I wouldn’t order it here because the other food are already very creamy.

Locate them!

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896



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