Which Daniel Wellington Watch Should I Get? (Dapper) – What Each Straps Says About Your Personality

‘Help I don’t know what straps to choose,’ was what I lamented when I had to choose what strap to get with my Daniel Wellington (Dapper) watch. Thankfully, unlike the classic series, there are only 6 straps (there are 7 now) for me to choose from and while I was in a dilemma, I couldn’t help but to think how each strap resonates with a unique personality, which was actually what I used as a guideline when I made my decision. Here is what each Daniel Wellington watch strap says about your personality.


I know a watch strap doesn’t really mean anything and this post is written solely for my entertainment, and also because I was inspired by Mindsy posts on Snapchat, so just sit back and read it like it’s your weekly horoscope.

Dapper Sheffield


Conformity is your safety net. While some people may see it as a weakness, you are able to make use of it to grow.

And it is because of this, you never tend to fall too far from the rest.

Changes in routine worry you.

Dapper St Mawes


You’re organized, meticulous and structured.

The last 15 minutes of your day will always be dedicated to planning your flow of events and things-to-do the next day because you can’t stand not having any structure.

You biggest pet peeves are last minute changes and cluttered, unattractive environments.

Dapper Bristol


You’re mature and responsible.

You tend to be the dad or mom (not in a kinky way) of your group of friends; making plans, sending reminders and even making sure that everyone gets home safe and sound.

Nothing pisses you off more than breaking promises, no matter how small the issue is.

Dapper Durham


You’re a social butterfly; one whose uniform is the classic white shirt, khaki shorts and a pair of boat shoes if you’re a guy, and a black dress with a pair of nude heels if you’re a girl.

Charisma is in you’re blood and you tend to attract a lot of people of the other gender.

And your biggest pet peeves is being tied down and heavy responsibilities.

Dapper York


Similar to a St Mawes strap- organized, structured- but an adventurer at the same time.

You like to switch up your routine every now and then because as much as plans comfort you, cycles bore you.

Dapper Reading


You’re an introvert, someone who loves to be deep in thought in a serene environment.

You will rather spend the weekend at home reading, taking care of your plant than clubbing with your friends.

Conflicts, neediness and crulety are your least favorite things.

Yup so that’s the end of the post. Let me know whether you agree with what I said in the comment box down below and also tell me what you think each strap means!

*All images taken from their website

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