How to Save Money: Tips to Spend Less when Eating Out!

I really really really love to eat and most of my money is spent on eating good food outside. Having content to update my blog consistently is really just an excuse for my unrestrained splurging on food, because it’s really more of satisfying my never-ending cravings. My friends always wonder how I’m able to keep up with this sinful indulgence and so today I’ll be sharing with you my secret. Here are my 4 easy ways to make every bite count with a little help online!


1) Booking Apps

photo_2018-07-16_10-11-11 (2)

Interface of Eatigo app

This is my biggest way of saving money because making a reservation through booking apps such as Eatigo, Entertainer and Sugar can get you up to 50% on your meal. I first found out about it through my friend who brought me to eat an Army Stew at Seoul Yummy for half the price and I swear nothing tastes better than discounts. I actually knew about these apps before but the idea that held me back from using them was that they only cover a very limited number of restaurants. Boy was I shocked when I found out how many restaurants could be found on their app. I use Eatigo the most because of its hassle-free bookings and huge discounts. You can search for an eatery by category or location, or even their name if you already have a place in mind. The only downside is that the biggest discounts are usually at odd timings like 5 pm or 3 pm; basically non peak hours. But it’s not much of an issue to me since I’m always craving for food!

2) Voucher Apps


Interface of Chope app

There is also a slightly different type of app that rewards you with points when you make a reservation through them. Such points can be exchanged for vouchers which can be used on your next visit. I use Chope because of its easy-to-use interface and the additional exclusive deals such as 1-for-1 buffets and half price off at some restaurants. Chope also allows you to purchase vouchers that gives you up to 20$ off the total bill, because some people may find the points collected too little to make a difference.

3) Promotion Sites


The Smart Local website and interface of HungryGoWhere

Besides using apps to get discounts, I follow promotion sites that constantly update about the latest offers. I read articles on The Smart Local and SingPromos. HungryGoWhere is an app that has the same features, and also perks for Singtel users. If you’re a Singtel user like me, you’ll be delighted to find out that HungryGoWhere offers Sintel exclusive deals such as a free waffle with any regular waffle order at Gelare and 50% off Army Stews at Seoul Yummy.

4) Credit Card Promotions


List of credit card promotions on MoneySmart

This is my least favourite tip to save money because it’s the least convenient one. Sometimes, I do receive emails or messages on what promotions there are but I usually just check Money Smart, a website that shows what promotions multiple banks- like DBS/POSB, UOB, Maybank and HSBC- are having.


And that’s basically it! Hope y’all found this post useful!


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