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[REVIEW] Alter Ego – 1 for 1 Poke Bowls With A Twist!

Kinda craving for poke bowls lately so me and my friend went to Alter Ego to try out their super grammable poke bowls with Chope’s 1-for-1!


Poke Bowl

Dynamite Kickin’ | $17


Spicy garlic sesame tuna, salmon fish skin, almonds and mushrooms. I ordered this solely for the fried salmon skin, thinking I would get a cheap thrill out of something excessively salty and trashy but to my surprise, the fried skin was rather mildly salted and tasted very legit.

The roasted almond provided a very interesting element to the dish because it was soft soft soft then some bits of crunch in between!

Umami Omega | $17

photo_2018-07-24_22-03-33 (2)

Another rather unique addition of lime avocado and kale chips! The tanginess from the avocado mixture made the dish so appetizing. I don’t have a strong liking towards avocado because I find them rather tasteless, but I really enjoyed this one.



My friend and I both ordered the poke bowls with the spicy sesame seasoning. I felt that the marinate itself was really good because there was a good amount of spice which lasted really long in my mouth. Definitely not for people with a low spice tolerance!!

However, I felt that the flavors in the bowl were too strong, to the extent that the natural sweetness of the fish and greens were masked. There was also a lack of balance of flavors between the fish, the sauce and the greens.

Moreover, the sashimi was slightly too soft. I like the ones at The Poke Theory more which provided a little more chew to it.

Iced Latte | $6


Their latte was strong and aromatic but slightly too milky.

Although Alter Ego is under A Poke Theory, there is a significant difference in their poke bowls. The ones at Alter Ego are for those with a preference for heavier tasting food, whereas the ones at A Poke Theory are more simple and emphasizes more on the natural taste of the ingredients.

I wouldn’t mind coming back for their poke bowls again with Chope’s 1-for-1 promotion for their poke bowls and pokecado toasts. And I saw photos of their sides and other mains which honestly looked so appetizing so yes I’d definitely come back again so get ready for a part 2!

Locate them!

8 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039802

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