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[REVIEW] Coffeesmith – Korean Cafe In Singapore

There’s a new (not really I was just late to the party) Korean cafe in Bedok Mall which I’ve been going to recently. There’s a wide assortment of food and drinks which looks really attractive but also rather pricey. So…  are they worth the price?


Croque Monsieur | $8

photo_2018-08-01_21-46-35 (2)

My original plan was to order their honey baguette but I ended up ordering this out of stress of holding up the queue because they ran out. Regret struck me after finding out that it was no more than… a ham and cheese sandwich but little did I know there was a little twist to this common man sandwich with the addition of melted cheese and syrup atop the fluffy white bread. It was quite a unique way of amping up a ham and cheese but still I find it overpriced.

Croissants | $7.90- $11.90


This was the only lunch kind-of option they had on the menu which was why my friend and I bought it. There are 5 different croissants to choose from- prawn, vegetarian something seomthing sometihgsig. The taste was acceptable, the croissant was crispy and hot. But I do feel like I paid more than what it was worth because the ingredients used weren’t really of a high quality.

Pistachio Chocolate Cake | $8.50


There is a good amount of sweetness and the cake was moist, with a good texture to it from the crushed pistachio. But I was quite disappointed from the lack of the nutty flavor.


There’s a wide assortment of drinks from coffee, frappes, tea and even milk tea. My personal favorite is their Assam Milk Tea | $7.50, which had a moderate amount of sweetness and a strong tea fragrance. Their coffees didn’t really suit my palate as the flavor was slightly too intense for my liking.

Iced Sweet Potato Latte (L) | $8

photo_2018-07-18_22-04-20 (2)

This was actually the drink that attracted me to patronize the cafe. I thought it was quite a special flavor and I was glad that it wasn’t one of those cheap obviously-artifical tasting drinks.

Iced Smith Cereal Latte (L) | $8.50


Such a fancy name but really it’s just a regular cup of mocha. I found it too sweet and I didn’t like the small bits of what I think is chocolate in the drink. I was honestly very disappointed because I thought it was their signature since it had their name on it and I thought maybe it was going to taste like cereal but it’s really just mocha…

My verdict is that nothing here is particularly bad. It’s just that I personally don’t find it worth it because I can get better croissants, coffee and cake at other places at the same or even lower prices!

The place was also lacking in terms of ambiance and design, especially after they. There was also the uneven lighting that really annoyed me; Some places were too bright and some were too dark.

But, being the only cafe in the Bedok Mall area, aside from Starbucks, I have became their frequent patron…

Locate them!

277, Orchard Road #01-09A
Orchard Gateway
Singapore 238858

Tel: +65 8399 7900

Opening Hours: 9:00am – 3:00am (Sun – Thurs), 24 hours (Fri – Sat)

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