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[REVIEW] Muyoo – Bubbletea Store and Bakery Serving Brown Sugar Bubbletea, Fruit Teas and Bread

Super glad that I stay in the East because of the brand new opening of Muyoo, a bakery with a fruit/ bubbletea concept.


There is a huge variety of drinks- from their signature dirty milk tea to cloud fruit teas and the cocoa and macha series.

Brown Sugar Fresh Milk + Pearl | $3.90


This is basically fresh milk with a brown sugar syrup drizzled in. It kinda tastes like a healthier version of milk tea. If I knew that there was a sugar level option I would’ve opted for a 50% instead because I found it a little too sweet for my liking. I also didn’t really like the pearls tho because it was slightly too hard to chew on.

Cloud Fruit Tea series | $4.50- $5.50


I am super in love with their cloud fruit tea. What I expected to be a series of intense syrup and artificial flavoring turned out to be this very natural and mild tasting fruity taste with the perfect balance of a tea aftertaste.

There is also an optional topping of the rose cloud and cheese cloud. Some of those who dislike the cheese foam from Liho should still give this a try because unlike the  decadent and gooey ones from Liho, Muyoo’s cheese cloud is very light and foamy and it goes really well with tea.


Pear and Pineapple Fruit Tea | $4.8

Their regular fruit tea series don’t lose out either!

I love the balance of tea and fruitiness in their series. The pear and pineapple flavors were rather subtle at the start, only emerging after lingering on your tongue for a few moments.

If you prefer a fruitier taste, just wait awhile before consuming your drink. The pineapple in the fruit accentuates the fruitiness.

I initially planned to try out their other drinks like the cocoa and macha series but I was so addicted to the cloud fruit tea series that I bought 2 more different flavors on my next visit.

I was honestly super hyped about their bread because of all the aesthetic pictures I saw online and I was quite disappointed when I tried it.


Fruit Rainbow Wands | $3.90- $4.90



The fruit rainbow wants are basically bread with cream and fresh fruits. There are a few different flavors- mango, grape, strawberry and blueberry. These are the breads that appeared the most online. I thought the strawberry wand was ok but the grape one straight up tastes like bubblegum.

Rainbow Salted Egg Lava | $4.20


I thought the lava salted egg was going to be really gelat and messy. Y’know like when it gets all over your hands and face but it’s ok because it tastes really good? Because that’s not what happened. Firstly, there was barely enough sauce for it to be flowing out of the bread. I thought I could squeeze it out like those chinese liusha bao but as you can see from the failed boomerang, nothing came out. I could also barely taste the salted-egg and the bread had such a strong flour taste that masked whatever subtle fragrance the sauce has.

Ori Octoki | $5.90


The octopus bread was also very popular and thank god I managed to get one of the last few that day. I read some food reviews about what it tastes like and I was quite disgusting when I read that the filling was composed of octopus and wasabi and cheese, with the bread being chocolate and the eyes being white chocolate. And honestly when I saw this I instantly thought of one of those forfeit smoothies where you blend everything together.

When I was bracing myself as I sink my teeth into it, I was greeted with a delightful surprise balanced flavors. Usually, cheese and wasabi are the kinds of foods that have a very striking flavor like you can immediately taste it the moment you take a bite of your food. But the octopus filling was mixed such that none of the components overpower one another, even between the sweet and savory components of the bread and filling.


Don’t be surprised when you see this condom looking like packet in your paper bag. They’re actually gloves so you won’t have to eat messily!

If you do plan on getting these then you should get it earlier in the day. I’m not sure how long the hype is going to last especially since the 1-for-1 promotions are over, but most of the breads were already sold out at around 6 pm.

Locate them!

311 New Upper Changi Road
#01-94 Bedok Mall
Singapore 467360

09:00am – 11:00pm

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-67 Raffles City
Singapore 179103

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