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[REVIEW] Gin Khao – New Thai Menu For Vegetarians

Gin Khao has just concocted their new vegetarian menu and it is certainly not a disappointment. Before you carnivores turn away at the hideous word ‘vegetarian’, continue reading because Gin Khao isn’t just limited to greens; with a menu that is able to satisfy the needs of both parties.


Yum Wakame | $9.80

This is such an appetizing dish. It’s made up of wakame, a Japanese seaweed that has a sweeter taste to it, and a black chewy thing which I don’t recognize (because I’m uncultured). Its intense spice and hint of tang kick started my appetite, thankfully, because I wasn’t too hungry that evening.

Thai Spicy Crispy Noodles | $8.80

The crispy noodles are those little decorations that are usually used as garnish for sushi, but fried and drizzled with a sweet and spicy sauce. I thought it was pretty cool how they managed to take something that most people consider as waste and turn into a snack. Do note that this dish is extremely jelat so I recommend sharing this.

Taro Fritter | $8.80

Probably one of my favorite dish on the vegetarian menu. The fritters were hot and crispy and its taro paste is super creamy with the right amount of sweetness. Even towards the end of the meal when I was already stuffed, I still went for more of the fritters, which surprisingly still tasted pretty good after sitting out for a long time.

Wok Fried French Beans with Olive Leaves | $9.80

I am so thankful for this dish because it alleviated the burning sensation in my mouth from the spicy dishes. It was sweet and fresh and the olive leaves definitely elevated the whole dish.

Thai Glass Noodles with Mushroom Pot | $12.80

photo_2018-10-07_18-39-43 (3)

After looking through the menu, this was the dish that I was looking forward the most because I am absolutely in love with glass noodles. For those who dislike that very intense ‘fishy’ mushroom taste, fret not because the sauce has a very intense black pepper taste which masks most of the mushroom’s aroma. I was slightly disappointed at the end of the meal because I wanted to save the best for the last but the noodles kinda dried and clumped up.

Mapo Tofu | $10.80


I really liked this dish. It wasn’t too spicy and wasn’t too ma (numb) but it had a good variety and intensity of spices in the dish. I’d honestly love to eat this with some rice man.

photo_2018-10-07_18-39-43 (2)

Cault Marmite | $12.80

This is honestly the highlight of the whole meal. I was so preoccupied with taking photos that I forgot that everything on the table was vegetarian. So me being me, deadass thought that it was a plate of chicken. The cool thing though, was that even after taking a bite into this chicken-imposter, it still didn’t occur to me that it was in fact a piece of cauliflower until a few bites later.

Phad Thai Veggies | $10.80

I was quite disappointed by this dish. It was the last dish that was served and at that point of time I was already so impressed by the other dishes which was why this dish fell short. It was bland compared to normal phad thais that are cooked with meat, but it does have a sweeter and healthier(?) i know this isn’t a flavor taste to it.

If you’re vegetarian or have vegetarian friends then do give this place a try! Do note that Gin Khao also has meat dishes!

Locate them!

1 Raffles Place, #04-29, Singapore 048616
6532 2387

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