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[REVIEW] Twenty Eight Cafe – Cold Truffle Pasta, 3-Tier French Toast and Fluffy Pancakes

If you’re the kind that are constantly worried about gaining weight, twenty eight might the cafe you’re looking for. Situated far away from most nearby mrt stations, a grueling 10 minutes walk (im weak) is required to reach the cafe.

photo_2018-09-25_16-23-20 (3)

Eggs Benedict


In comparison to other eggs benny dishes out there, I would say that twenty eight loses as their poached eggs are slightly overcook and so are their rosties. As you can see from the photo, it’s overfried and rather dry. I guess you can treat it like chips but I prefer my rostis cooked like the way marche does it, which is less crunchy and seasoned. Though, I was quite surprised to see poached eggs on top of potatoes instead of english muffins.

French Toast


If you’re the kind of eater who wish to find surprise in every bite, then twenty eight’s french toast may be just the dish for you. A very fluffy bread split into three flavors: walnuts and blueberry jam, strawberries and greek yogurt, and bananas. I really enjoyed the toast itself as it had just the right level of sweetness and it was cooked perfectly such that it was slightly crunchy on the outside while the interior remained moist and fluffy.

Berrylicious pancake


This slightly out of shape pancake is the softest and fluffiest pancake I’ve ever eaten. There’s also a nice sweetness in the pancake so I’m sure if i were to eat it alone it’ll taste just as nice.

To be honest, if you live nearby or simply do not mind the inconvenience, it’s quite a conducive place working due to its peaceful environment and abundance of charging ports beside almost tables.

Locate them!

28 Wilkie Rd, #01-06, Singapore 228051
9628 2829

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