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[REVIEW] Nerdy Noodles (四眼仔) @Bugis + – Authentic Hong Kong Cart Noodles and Milk Tea

Che Zai Mian (車仔麵), Cart Noodles, is a popular street food that originated from Hong Kong in the 1950s. Also known as ‘filthy noodles’, hawkers would sell it out of a cart roaming the streets with all sorts of toppings that you could add in your noodles. I was really excited when I saw this restaurants and decided to give it a try, so here’s a short review after my 2 months hiatus from this blog!


Just from the photos, everything about the place looks very authentic, the utensils, flooring and background.

The menu totally left me spoilt for choice, with 4 different noodles and soup base and and assortment of toppings. Similar to traditional cart noodles, you’re given the liberty to choose what toppings you want with your noodles. However, if you’re overwhelmed by the amount of options they have, Nerdy Noodles offer signature bowls as well.


I ordered the egg noodles with a beef broth, topped with curry fishballs, radish and beef brisket which totaled up to about $12. Besides not being as hot as I’d expected it to be, the soup base and noodles really reminded me of home. The fishballs were a huge disappointment though. There was barely any curry flavor and the fishballs they used are not the authentic hongkong street food style. Since I was looking forward to it the most, it really ruined the experience.

The milk tea was good though. The tea was thick and the amount of sweetness was just right.



Overall, while the food is kind of authentic, I personally thought it was overpriced and I probably won’t go back again. The ingredients used are actually really basic so I don’t really agree with the price. The toppings are about $2-3 average and you have to order a minimum of 3 toppings. For a lower price and possibly a more filling bowl of cart noodles, I will suggest heading down to Legendary Hong Kong Che Zai Mian in Jurong Point

Locate them!

201 Victoria St, #04-39 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
6636 5889

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