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[UK] Top 10 Things to Do, Eat and See in London

London is one of my favorite place to go to. There are just so many places to go, things to eat and sights to see, despite being such a small city! The top few words that come to mind when one hears the word ‘London’ are probably museums, musicals, artsy brick-walled buildings… but which attractions are the one that are truly worth going to?

If you are overwhelmed by the large variety of choices, continue reading as I recommend to you the top 10 tourist and sightseeing attractions and restaurants that you must visit in London.


#1 Changing of The Guards @Buckingham Palace

The guards changing ceremony at the revered Buckingham Palace is certainly worth a watch if it’s your first time in London. If you want the prime spot for the ceremony then you have to head down early because it’s usually crowded, especially during the peak seasons.


#2 St James Park

The best season to come here is Autumn. Colored leaves dotting the grassy fields; swans frolicking in the crystal clear lake. It truly is a refuge from the bustling city life. There are also many animals roaming the area such as chipmunks and swans!


#3 The London Eye

Check out London’s amazing bird’s eye view from the very top of the The London Eye. I usually find flyers boring but the view of London is simply too mesmerizing for me to leave this out from the list.

If you’re as captivated from the view as I am, do check out their bundle tickets which includes other attractions in the area such as The London Dungeon, Shrek’s Adventure and the River Thames Cruise.


image taken from Golden Tours

#4 The London Dungeon

The targeted audience for this lovely attraction here is for the sad and masochistic souls who love being tortured, scared, treated like a slave (exaggerated). Entering Olden London as one of the traitors plotting to overthrow the great King James, you will be living the murky pasts of London a millennium ago, experiencing what the peasants of the past did. To be hung alive as entertainment for the civilians; to rebel with the infamous Guy Fawkes against the higher authorities of the city; to live in fear, not knowing when the notorious Jack the Ripper will strike again with you as the next target.


#5 Chinatown

Come on, as an Asian, how can you not visit Chinatown? One of the busiest areas in London with lots of cheap shops and great food. I recommend going to Four Seasons Duck Restaurant for a meal.


#6 Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum stands out from the hundreds of museums dotting London. With multiple enclosures featuring live animals, plants, physics and chemistry. The array of information the museum possesses can keep anyone inside for hours! I was really shocked when I saw live insects on display, and even more surprised at the large greenhouse in the museum.

Even if you’re not a fan of museums, I still encourage you to give this one a shot as the exhibitions are really engaging. There are also hands-on activities for children, such as sand terrariums and ornament making.


image taken from Telegraph

#7 Les Miserable

Musicals definitely comes to mind when one is to think of London. The Queen’s Theatre made use of what little space it has and innovated with a spinning stage, allowing the story revolving Jean Valjean in the French Revolution era to unfold in a unique and interesting manner.


#8 Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

As if any random street on London isn’t instagrammable enough. Leake Street Tunnel possesses a treasury of London’s graffiti art, enough for you to take enough #OOTDs to last a whole year!


#9 Camden Lock Market

Shopping and eating all in one place! In Camden Market, you can find lots of vintage shops and quirky handicrafts. You can honestly spend a good few hours here just shopping, going to a nearby pub for a short break, savoring their street food… Best of all, you get all that without all the chaos and crowds that usually comes with markets like this.

I recommend The Mac Factory, one of the stalls in the market, which sells a variety of Mac and Cheese.


#10 Westminster

Your trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a walk around Westminster area to snap a quick picture at famous tourist attractions such as St. Paul Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, National Gallery as well as the Big Ben.


Bonus Tip: Travel with an Oyster Card

London is a rather small place with most of the attractions concentrated in the centre. The best way to get around is through its metro tube system or simply walking. The way I planned my itinerary allowed me to walk from one attraction to another within 10 minutes. However, it is still necessary to travel from one neighbourhood to another and purchasing an Oyster concession card will make travelling around London a lot cheaper than purchasing individual train tickets.

Oyster cards can be purchased at any tube station, over 4,000 Oyster Ticket Stops and at Emirates Airline Terminal. For more information, click here.


Those are my favorite attractions to go to in London and hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. If I left out any must-go attractions, do let me know in the comments down below so that I can check them out in my next visit!




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