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[REVIEW] DC Superheroes Cafe – Superhero Themed Cafe w Amazing Food

The notion that themed cafes are all bark and no bite is finally broken down by DC Superheroes Cafe. It’s not common to be enticed by the exquisite decors and ambiance, as your favorite characters pull you into the trap that is a regular themed cafe. Only until you’ve settled down, ordered your food and taken a bite that you’ve realized… you’ve been click-baited.

I’m proud to announce to the DC Universe fanatics who has a golden tongue, that at DC Superheroes Cafe, you’ll be able to not only immerse yourself in a unique dining experience with your favorite superheroes- The Flash, Superman, Aquaman etc.- but satisfy your food cravings as well.

Serving both Western and Chinese cuisine, this cafe’s menu caters to the palate of a wide audience.

Cool Sea Crab Leg Aglio Olio | $28.9

Compared to most aglio olios I have eaten, this one is slightly less oily, but still has that rich texture to its sauce. The fresh sea crab and sweet cherry tomatoes pairing makes this a very light-tasting, palatable dish for the masses.

Dark Is The Night Truffle Pasta | $28.9

I was a bit disappointed because there wasn’t a hint of truffle in the dish. But, there were saving graces, such as the creamy and rich texture of the sauce which mimics a carbonara. The prawns were also really fresh and crunchy, but there was only a few pieces in the dish.

The Dark Night Burger | $30.9

DC Superheroes Cafe definitely took ‘plating’ to the next level. The Dark Night burger comprises of a juicy wagyu beef patty sandwiched between charcoal infused patties. The beef was succulent and juicy. What I didn’t like was the addition of a very thick piece of mushroom which I personally thought didn’t complement the taste of the beef. And no, sadly you’re not allowed to take the box home.

Doomsday Chicken Waffles | $29.9

In between two fluffy waffles are large pieces of fried chickens, topped with a light drizzle of nacho cheese; this is definitely a sharing dish for 2 because of how large the portion and how filling it is. While the waffles weren’t as crispy as I thought it’d be, there was a very strong milky taste with a hint of sweetness. The fried chicken was also fried to perfection. Though some may prefer a crispier skin, I thought that the softer texture went quite well with the waffles.

Batsy Oreo Milkshake (left) and Green Arrow Chocolate Mint Milkshake (right)

Batsy Oreo Milkshake | $11.9

Green Arrow Chocolate Mint Milkshake | $11.9

Before you start getting confused about the names, let me just clear things up by telling you that you can change the characters of your drinks. For example, I changed the Green Arrow Milkshake to a Cyborg theme instead, but the content of the drink remains the same.

The milkshakes were surprising very refreshing, rather than overpoweringly decadent. Especially the Chocolate Mint Milkshake which has a very nice touch of mint which counters with the decadence that usually comes with chocolate-flavored drinks.

If there’s a special occasion, or if you’re just a cake-lover in general, DC Superheroes Cafe also bakes superhero themed cakes alongside their regular desserts which includes cakes and waffles.

And if you feel like the dining experience there isn’t enough to satisfy you, feel free to check our their retail which is right inside the cafe itself.

Locate them!
391A Orchard Road
#02-13 Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238873

2 Bayfront Avenue Bay
#01-03, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972


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