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[REVIEW] Lickety Ice-cream & Waffles – Instagrammable and Halal Egglet Deserts

Opened by Halal-certified Fika Swedish Café & Bistro and Konditori Artisan Bakery, Lickety Ice-cream & Waffles hit Singapore with its insta-worthy egglet desserts at Bussorah Street, nearby one of the most instagrammable spots in Singapore- Haji Lane.

Riding on the craze over Hong Kong egglets (鸡蛋仔), coupled with the aesthetics of their desserts, Lickety rose to fame rapidly and managed to retain their popularity among foodies.


As an indecisive person, choosing ice-cream flavors has been one of the greatest obstacles of my life, especially at Lickety with their assortment of flavors. Ranging from the classic Dark Angel (dark chocolate), to a fancier creation Root Beer Float, it took me aeons to finally settle down for one.

Some of the flavors that really appealed to me are Avocado & Chocolate and Speculoos. The Avocado & Chocolate is such a perfect pair, with the lightness of the avocado countering the decadence that most chocolate desserts bring, making the ice-cream very palatable. Meanwhile, the sugar level of Speculoos flavor, which most people may be more familiar with its Lotus biscuit form, was just right. Even until the very last bite, it didn’t make me crave for gallons of water to wash the sweetness down.

Special mention to the Lingonberry Swirl, which really surprised me with the subtlety of the berry flavor infused with the vanilla ice-cream.

Single scoop ice-cream can be purchased at $4.50.

Egglet or Brownie?

While Lickety rose to fame with its aesthetic egglet photos, they have also launched a new base that complements their ice-cream. After trying both the egglet and the brownie, I have concluded that the winner for the Taste-Cup is the… brownie!

The brownies at Lickety are absolutely my type- sticky, chewy and most importantly, a strong bitterness. Lickety’s brownies definitely won my heart over. But of course, if you’re all about that #foodporn #aesthetic #cafe, then the egglet is a much better option!

The egglet comes in two different flavours- Red Velvet and Buttermilk.

Buttermilk Egglet w/ Speculoos Ice-cream & Pocky | $8.90

During my most recent visit, I ordered one scoop of ice cream with the buttermilk egglet and pocky toppings for $8.90. Personally, I felt that the egglet could be crispier. While the egglet tasted rather bland compared to other egglet stores, the lower sweetness level really complemented the ice-cream.

Locate them!
34 Bussorah St
Singapore 199452

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