Bober Tea – New Bubble tea Store @Bishan MRT Station Serving Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Fruit Teas

Bubble tea stores have been springing up rapidly from malls to train stations and even in the discrete corners of your neighborhood blocks over the past decade. In the ever-changing and competitive bubble tea scene in Singapore, a bold creator has opened up a new artisan tea joint at Bishan MRT (Exit C).

Bober Tea, a new entrant to this cut-throat market, has successfully captured my heart with their premium ingredients, such as Hokkaido Milk, Pure Matcha Powder, Okinawa Black Sugar and Fresh Fruits, and innovative flavors.

In addition, Bober Tea also prides on their homemade bobas, which have an extremely thin membrane, allowing it to literally pop in your mouth the moment you suck them up the straw.

Supreme Fruit Burst Green Tea | $5.20 (M), $6.50 (L)

The Supreme Fruit Burst comes with an assortment of fresh fruits such as grapefruits, mangos, oranges and limes and an option between having green tea or red tea as the base.

Comparable to the fruit teas series from Muyoo, I really enjoyed the aroma and intensity of the tea in the drink. Since there were real fruits infused into the tea, it was very refreshing in contrast to other fruit teas which utilizes artificial fruit flavorings.

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Cap Fresh Milk | $4.30 (S), $5.60 (M)

The name of this drink is a bit of a mouthful, but you’d certainly want a mouthful of this when you’re at Bober Tea. Brown sugar milk drinks have taken over the bubble tea stage recently as seen from the success stories of Tiger Sugar and TaiGai.

You can certainly distinguish the quality of their Hokkaido milk used in this drink compared to other bubble tea joints milk-based concoctions.

Chocolate Fresh Milk w/ Oreo Crush | $3.70 (S), $4.90 (M)

There’s a very mild chocolaty taste to this drink which makes it very palatable. Imagine how terrifying it is to drink a whole cup of thick malty chocolate drink!

Moreover, while the oreo flavor wasn’t significant, it did provide another layer of texture and a subtle touch of bitterness.

Photo taken from Tai Gai’s Facebook page

For an additional cost, you can get your premium artisan tea packed in a bottle that is not only more convenient to carry around, but aesthetically pleasing!

Model: Monice Cheung

Locate them!
200 Bishan Road

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