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[REVIEW] Shake Shack Singapore – New York Burger Joint Opens in Jewel, Changi Airport

You’ve been waiting, you’ve been begging, and they’ve heard you. Shake Shack has finally landed in Singapore’s newly opened mall, Jewel.

Throw away any hesitations and get your ass to Jewel now because this burger behemoth is definitely worth the hype, with its 100% all-natural premium Angus beef and New York flavors.

Shake Shack isn’t your ordinary burger joint, with its unorthodox potato buns which has a fluffier and springier texture. Some may be familiar with their secret shake shack sauce, which resembles the classic burger sauce – a mixture of ketchup, mayo, pickle sauce etc. – but with a slightly different, and in my opinion, better taste (must’ve been the secret ingredient).

Shackburger | $9.20 for single, $12.90 for double

Their must-try signature cheeseburger that comes with grilled Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce between two fluffy potato buns.

I absolutely loved how the infusion of the meat juices with their secret shake shack sauce, making it really moist despite having a slightly crispy exterior to the patty.

Shack-cago Dog | $10.9

Their shake-cago dog is the representative of New York street food.

There are a lot of vegetables packed in the bun such as pickles, chili, onions are tomatoes so for my all my friends who set aside their vegetables during meals, this might not be the dish for you.

Also, this definitely pales in comparison with their burgers.

Shack Stack | $14.30

The Shack Stack is a combination of a Shack Burger and the Shrooms Burger.

The fried portobello mushroom is paired with melted Colby Cheese, Monterey Jack and Tilsit Cheese. Albeit being slightly towards the salty end, I really enjoyed it as it was moist and juicy and complemented the assortment of cheeses really well.

Personally I would get this instead of just the Shrooms Burger itself just because it has that additional layer of beef patty.

Smoke Shack | $10.90 for single, $14.40 for double

A hot and spicy version of the Shack Burger, with an additional layer of fiery chopped cherry peppers and bacon.

Shack Attack

I felt like this was a really fitting name because it reminded me of a heart attack. An equivalent to a monster burger, this dessert packs a punch with its decadent and gooey chocolate ice-cream, topped with cubes of brownies and chocolate.

While it is every child’s dream to eat one of these, I thought it was way too sweet and I definitely wouldn’t be able to finish one of these myself.

If you’re able to withstand your cravings, then it might be best to wait it out. Otherwise, be prepared to queue for up to 4 hours on a busy day.

Locate them!
78 Airport Blvd
#02-256 Jewel, Changi Airport
Singapore, 819666

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