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[REVIEW] Femis Tea – Healthy Bubble Tea w/ Black Sugar Milk Tea and Fruit Teas @Upper Changi MRT Station

If you’re like me, then you’d probably relate to the following scenario…

You’re craving bubble tea but engage in an internal struggle because you’ve already gained 4 kg (i tell myself it’s muscle mass). You then swear that you’ll work out afterwards as you pay for your drink, and slowly sip down that cup of pure evil. You finish the drink, go home, change into your gym clothes and finally, you tell yourself that you’ll work out the next day…

We both know that day will never come.

Yes, what I’m saying is, if you’re conscious about your health BUT you’re a sucker for bubble tea, then you have to check out Femis Tea.

Femis Tea prides on their all-natural, high quality artisan teas. Using only the finest loose tea leaves all around Asia and only natural ingredients- the freshest fruits and cheese and even sugar produced in-house from fruits- they bring their customers healthy, great-tasting beverages that bring out the natural taste and scents of the teas.

Cheese Strawberry Tea | $6.9

This strawberry and cheese foam infused drink is derived from 10 whole strawberries.

I’m not a fan of overly sweet things so I usually order my drinks at 50% sugar level (cue disgusted groans by 100% sugar level patrons). At half sugar level, it tastes fairly similar to an actual strawberry, only a little sweeter. The cheese foam is very light and subtle, not overly decadent like Liho’s, giving the drink a very good balance of sweet and savory.

I’m usually not a fan of any berry-flavored food or beverages and I would never consider them. But as a major slut for anything aesthetically pleasing, I couldn’t resist the temptation and chose this drink! No regrets though.

Fujiyama Milk Tea | $4.9

One of Femis Tea’s latest drinks, the Fujiyama Milk Tea stands out with its pastel blue and yellow tones, mimicking the color scheme of Mt Fuji (hence the name). However, the unique feature of this drink is not its pretty colors, but rather the nutritional benefits it has.

“Wait what…? Milk tea with nutritional values…?

Despite its colors, Femis Tea promises that no additional pigments or additives are used. Moreover, this drink is packed with anthocyanin which preserves ones beauty and youth, alongside vitamins A, C and E which provides a good health care effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

However, personally, it ultimately boils down to its taste. Albeit its aesthetics and health benefits, I didn’t really enjoy drinking it because it didn’t taste like milk tea. Instead, it tasted more like sweetened milk.

Femi’s Special Milk Tea | $4.5

Very similar tasting to Taiwanese milk tea; towards the milkier side with a milder tea taste.

Like me, I’m sure you guys must be thinking what so special about this special milk tea. I mean it looks like a regular cup of bubble tea with some pearls at the bottom… and that’s where you’re wrong.

Packed with grass jelly and red bean, it heightens the taste profile of the milk tea by providing a hint of sweetness and earthiness.

Signature Fruit Tea w/ Matcha Pearls | $5.5

A fruitier tea compared to other brands, with a strong citrus intensity, making it really refreshing to drink.

I would’ve preferred a stronger tea flavor as it was rather absent in the drink.

The matcha pearls, although having a perfect chewy texture, had a rather mild matcha flavor.

Image taken from Femi’s Tea’s Facebook Page

Black Sugar Milk Tea | $3.9

While purchasing my drinks for the second time at Femi’s Tea, 老闆娘 Ms Femi gave me a sample of their signature black sugar milk tea.

Possibly one of the best black sugar milk tea I’ve ever drank! Using premium Japanese milk and black sugar, with the absence of artificial flavoring, you can really taste the natural ingredients used.

Their handmade black sugar pearls are the champion though. The perfect amount of chew and an intense black sugar taste that isn’t overly sweet.

Locate them!

690 Upper Changi Road East
Upper Changi MRT Station, #B3-02
Singapore 485990

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