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[REVIEW] Wheeler’s Yard – Rustic Hidden Cafe @ 28 Lorong Ampas

“It’s a cafe!”
“No it’s a bicycle shop!”
“Wait guys… I think it’s… both?”

Don’t be fooled by its warehouse and bicycle shop appearance when you walk pass it, as within the bicycle shop lies a cozy cafe.

I’ll be honest here. Their bestseller is perhaps the aesthetics of the cafe, with its industrial designs and chic ambiance. It’s not that their food tastes nasty or anything like that. But if I were to drag my lazy ass all the way there, it’ll be for that #ootd shot in front of their warehouse gate and maybe their aromatic coffee.

Iced Espresso Ball | $9

I am honestly such a sucker for things like this.

Who else thinks that gimmicks like this are only for updating one’s social media, and doesn’t even taste good enough to be worth that much money? Because same.

But well I did order it in the end and surprisingly, it turned out pretty good. It has a mild caramel and hazelnut taste, kinda resembling Starbuck’s caramel macchiato but less trashy.

They have a brunch menu which includes the classic Eggs Benedict ($17.90) and Simply Granola ($12.90) but I was drawn to their Japanese and American fusion breakfast- the Pork Katsu Toast.

Pork Katsu Toast | $17.9

First look at this photo and I instantly knew I made the wrong choice. It looks dry, bland and it’s certainly something that I wouldn’t order if there were pictures on the menu.

I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover though, because the fried pork cutlets were actually really tender. It’s complemented with pork floss and seaweed, and a slight drizzle of an umami tonkatsu sauce.

Chilli Crab Pasta | $17.9

A Wheeler’s Recommendation dish, but sadly not one that I would recommend.

I found the chili crab sauce way too oily for my lacking. Furthermore, the flavor lacked depth.

Porky Bowl | $17.9

This is basically an oyaku don but served with bacon instead of chicken. I absolutely loved their sauce; very umami but not overpowering. The bacon used is also not the extremely salty ones that you get from grocery stores. It was tender and well marinated, almost like I’m eating pork belly instead.

Locate them!
28 Lorong Ampas
Singapore 328781

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