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[REVIEW] Legendary Hong Kong – Authentic Hong Kong Cafe in Singapore @Jurong Point

Located in Singapore’s very own makeshift Mongkok Street in Jurong Point, it’s almost as if you’ve been transported to the Hong Kong, with its iconic neon signs, packed streets and unique vendor carts. Of course, an ordinary Hong Kong street isn’t complete without a cha can ting (茶餐廳).

Legendary Hong Kong is possibly the most authentic Hong Kong cha can ting in Singapore; its tiled floors and furniture mimicking traditional ones found in Hong Kong. The food they serve is unparalleled too.

港式絲襪奶茶 HK Style Milk Tea | $2.7 (H), $3.4 (C)

To me, one of the biggest indicators of a good cha can ting is no other than their HK Traditional Milk Tea; a good amount of earthiness and thickness, unlike the more diluted ones found elsewhere.

The other thing that really appeals to me here is the names of their dishes such as 男人的浪漫 which directly translates to a man’s romance. And while some (actually all) these names may sound silly to you, it’s actually commonly recognized in Hong Kong.

黯然銷魂飯 Sorrowful Romance Rice (BBQ Pork & Sunny-side up Egg on Rice) | $10.8

Referenced from the famous Stephen Chow movie 食神, this sorrowful romance rice is simply just char siew rice with a sunny side up, drizzled with a dark soy sauce.

The char siew, albeit having a relatively thicker cut, it is very tender and juicy. There’s also this very mild cooking wine aroma to it.

醬皇手拉白步布腸 Plain Rice Roll w/ Special Sauce | $5.2

A quintessential street food in Hong Kong, this plain rice roll is unlike the ones most Singaporeans are familiar with- the ones with the fillings inside.

Instead, they are paired with light soy sauce, sweet sauce, peanut sauce and a dash of white sesame on top.

While the flour itself is silky and smooth, their ratio of sauces doesn’t, in my opinion, follow the traditional way. There is just way too much soy sauce which overwhelms the flavors of the other sauces.

星洲炒米粉 Stir-fried Thin Rice Noodle in Curry Sauce w/ Mixed Meats | $11.3

One of my favorite dishes there, the noodles are savory but not overly salty.

奶油脆脆豬 Crispy Bun w/ Butter & Condensed Milk | $3.5

I order this dish every time I visit Legendary Hong Kong without fail. It’s always freshly baked, meaning it’s warm and crispy. And it feels so heavenly as you sink you teeth into the fluffy buns that are soaked with butter and condensed milk.

原味燉鮮奶 Original Milk Custard | $4.5

It is really hard to find a properly made authentic milk custard in Singapore so I was delighted when I found out that Legendary Hong Kong managed to pull it off.

Although the top is slightly hardened, the rest of the bowl was silky smooth and rich.

傳統香酥蛋撻 Crispy Egg Tart | $1.8

Their egg tarts are a disappointment to me- stale and crumbly.

10/10 wouldn’t recommend getting.

While there are complaints, this place is no doubt the closest thing to authentic cha can ting food.

If you’re craving for Hong Kong delicacies after reading this post you can head down to Jurong Point instead of having to fly to Hong Kong, though the travelling time is comparable (i stay in the east).

Locate them!
63 Jurong West Central 3
#03-80 Provisional Unit Jurong Point 2 Shopping Center
Singapore 648331

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