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Battle w/ Acne #2 – Oily Skin Home Remedies

In this post I will be sharing about how I control the excessive oils on my face.

If you haven’t read my first post about how I prevented my acne from getting worse and the best facial cleansers I recommend then click here. But otherwise continue reading as I share with you some of the remedies that help control the excessive oil on my face.

Oil Blotters

Probably the number one product that comes to mind when one is to think of treatments for oily skin. While it does definitely reduces the amount of oil on the face, it might absorb too much oil, causing your skin to dry out which in turn causes the pores to generate more oil.

If you do have to use them though, just gently blot out the excessive oil. Don’t overdo it.

Baby Wipes

I don’t know if this is the right thing to do because some may argue that the wipes may also dry out the skin, or that the soap in the wipes may worsen the acne.

Yes I am aware of those pointers which is why I opt for baby wipes instead of regular wet wipes because they’re more gentle on the skin. It only removes the excessive oil from my skin, leaving it properly hydrated, which is a perfect product for me to use in camp during my NS training.

Egg White Mask

Some of you may have heard of this home remedy, while others may be confused and disgusted.

Proponents of egg white face masks believe that this protein has skin-tightening effects and absorbs excess oil from the skin

Medical News Today

Tried and tested, my skin did feel less oily immediately after applying a layer of egg white. Furthermore, after using it for a few weeks, it is evident that my pores became smaller as well.

A website that I learned this from did mention that the best egg white mask isn’t just made up of egg whites. But it seemed like a lot of effort to me so I didn’t bother trying. If you’re interested though then here’s the link to the recipe.


Watching your diet is imperative because like what the saying goes “you are what you eat”. So yeah, eating fried and oily food excessively is definitely going to increase the amount of oil on your face. Consuming spicy food will also have the same effects.

I also notice that drinking lots of water helps with my face. During my BMT, we had to drink a lot of water and despite all the grime and sweat that sticks to my face during training, my skin condition did improve.

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